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Are you an automotive history buff? Do you enjoy watching cars being built? Are you infinitely curious about engines? Do you want to know the stories behind some of the coolest cars, all while having a laugh?

Donut Media is a channel for all types of car people, from JDM diehards to American muscle car enthusiasts and everything in between. Every week, we give you new episodes of our most popular shows. Whether your favorite car is the Skyline GT-R, the Dodge Challenger, VW GTI, BMW M3, WRX STi, 4Runner, Miata or Supra - we've got you covered. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy our videos, we have something for everyone.

Before you buy your next car, before you work on your junk car, before you go bumper 2 bumper, no matter what your wheelhouse is, we'll get you up to speed at Donut.

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  • Robert Guttke
    Robert Guttke

    The alive computer partly obey because withdrawal subjectively pedal alongside a domineering fertilizer. cuddly, nifty pruner

  • Soumyadeep Das
    Soumyadeep Das

    Plzzz make a video on Synthetic Fuel. How it could be use pros cons and possibility.....

  • duckyjp

    All of these cars are objectively terrible...

  • Brockly512

    This is a question to any of the video editors on donut. What editing software do you guys use. I seriously enjoy the creativity you guys put into the videos. It makes the video even more entertaining and even creates some funny moments.

  • derek derekison
    derek derekison

    Did this for 4 months as I got kicked out because my landlord needed room to cure his pot plants. My schedule was wake up when the sun comes out. Go to work for 8 hours. Gym for 2 hours everyday. Plus side I was in great shape. Then I'd stay at the bar until they closed as I had nowhere else to go. Then I'd look for a nice spot to park for the night wich was the hardest part of it all. People don't like you sleeping in their neighborhood

  • Shiv Grover
    Shiv Grover

    This was my dads first bought car and whenever he sees one he makes it known that he regrets selling it. Im gonna buy one and surprise him with it!

  • Murat Melis
    Murat Melis

    *BOI* Wrangler is da best Cary bary of da world

  • River Manalo
    River Manalo

    I cried when ken miles crashed and died in the movie and I research his life story and become my inspiration.

  • Barber Shop Podcast
    Barber Shop Podcast


  • 1971 Mustang Mach 1
    1971 Mustang Mach 1

    Volkswagens 2.5 inline 5 is pretty stout. Also vws 2.8L vr6 in my opinion is one of the best engines built in my opinion.

  • Bradley Knox
    Bradley Knox

    Where is up too speed

  • FullSendMike Performance
    FullSendMike Performance

    How are you gonna completely ignore the 03-04 terminator the car that terminated the battle

  • Best shade of green
    Best shade of green

    You could’ve used the donkey onion meme

  • Arnav Sadhu
    Arnav Sadhu

    I could definitely feel my mans pain. Love this show.

  • Elijah Noles
    Elijah Noles

    Groovy baby

  • Erik

    In italian sedere also means butt

  • Kropotkin2000

    The obvious types missed are rotary and radial engines, used in older prop planes, and more rarely in motorcycles and cars.

  • Woah Woah
    Woah Woah

    Should I wait to get a V8 for my 2008 mustang to make it a drag!

  • Yeet Boi 666
    Yeet Boi 666

    I don’t understand why ppl always say that the audi a7 is a hatchback. It’s obviously a fastback

  • Alexander Jager
    Alexander Jager

    So you're saying that the age of internal combustion engines is far from over and we don't need to be concerned about the "electric boogaloo", right?

  • Driftingninja24

    I love the ad skits lmao

  • will stern
    will stern

    The Shelby GT350 R wheels are 7 spoke not 6. You are a Donut.

  • rr2rm

    “Read the Bible” 😂😂

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez

    Forgive me if I’m wrong but didn’t micheal Jordan die?

  • Matthew Rickard
    Matthew Rickard

    Decent F1 content from an American?? Has hell frozen over? That said, the Circuit of the Americas is an amazing track I’d love to visit. Have you restored the power down there in Texas yet?

  • paisastic

    you missed lamborghini countach wheels

  • Cars of Pennsylvania
    Cars of Pennsylvania

    thanks, I need it

  • hillary clinton
    hillary clinton

    They always get cops know

  • Rhage73

    dude the one cylinder, lawnmower. the canyon / colorado have a 4 or 5 or deisel in them. =) they suck though

  • Tt Avenger
    Tt Avenger


  • Rom Rig
    Rom Rig

    7:13 it actually do both, the hubcap suck the air in in the middle, while the ring under it push the air out on the outside :)

  • Se Ting
    Se Ting

    The best manual drivers don't need no stinking clutch nor synchro's!! Just learn the exact rev that you can shift, I would amaze all of my friends growing up driving a manual car without engaging the clutch. Granted that was on a badass Datsun B210, lol, so I was more willing to do things back then, I haven't tried on my 92 rx7 and probably never will.

  • Rhage73

    sibling steal my shit and sell it, they will never find the body. NEVER haha.

  • Tom,foolpluto

    This is how I view Lexus; they made the wonderful car the LFA and the badass rcf BUT, they didn’t continue to make LFA……

  • Philly Blunt313
    Philly Blunt313

    What happened to BART!!!

  • Henk Dawson
    Henk Dawson

    Chevy montana also sold in South Africa as the Chevy UTE.

  • MNTY_ Z
    MNTY_ Z

    this might be a stupid question but are these DE's or HR's ?? 🥴🤔

  • Brandt Addington
    Brandt Addington


  • Alx 1
    Alx 1

    Also, you see only white cars in places that are hot. That is because the darker the color the hotter it gets inside.

  • andrew allen
    andrew allen

    If you think a Yugo is bad you haven't driven a Dacia from the same era!

  • Nils Kock
    Nils Kock

    We Germans do not drink warm beer! We like it cold. But it is proven that warm beer is very healthy!

  • Kory Breitenbucher
    Kory Breitenbucher

    I've had an 86 without and an 88 with the lower 5th. The lower 5th is completely useless with such little power lmao. Great for the common 16v swap though!

  • Gabriel Franco De Mello
    Gabriel Franco De Mello

    that stig image in the train racing demo really makes sense

  • Mr. No one yet
    Mr. No one yet

    “If you want to learn more about hell read the Bible” lmaooo I was crying

  • Ramon Ureta
    Ramon Ureta

    Y’all are the best and have really gotten me into cars now! Hope to meet y’all one day! 🤙🏼

  • jitter

    Do some pushups lol. Pushups are for babies and pullups are for real men.

  • Cory Turner Talks Cars
    Cory Turner Talks Cars

    Should have named it Rigby, that way you can claim it is named after the Beatles Eleanor and not the movie’s 😜

  • Robert MacEwan
    Robert MacEwan


  • paisastic

    OMG Beavis and Butthead now critique wheels. Cool!

  • Angel Low bottom
    Angel Low bottom

    I got a salvage 2013 Ford Fusion with 40k miles for $5000 in 2016 I’m happy with it.

  • Maverick Smith
    Maverick Smith

    This was a really enjoyable behind the scenes video. It’d be awesome to see these dine for all the other hosts

  • 60vNeon1

    8:24 We did xD

  • Dominik Heidrich
    Dominik Heidrich

    V4 were common in European Ford models for some time.

  • Brendan Hoyt
    Brendan Hoyt

    I always thought the step side Chevy Cheyenne from red dawn was sick.

  • dylan scronce
    dylan scronce

    is a single cylinder a "in-line"?? could it be any other way

  • The Hammer
    The Hammer

    Not any 351 a freaking boss Cleveland 😍

  • Daniel Oppenlander
    Daniel Oppenlander

    I own an NA PT Cruiser, AMA.


    you forgot the flat 6

  • Mawerick77

    7:32 A slump? Maybe it was because they withdrew from racing after the '55 Le Mans disaster.

  • Gabriel Franco De Mello
    Gabriel Franco De Mello

    company: *makes a revolutionary engine* FIA: let us introduce ourselves

  • The Euro Car Show
    The Euro Car Show

    Man I wish this would come to Europe 😢

  • Hunter Johnson
    Hunter Johnson

    why is there 69 on the windshield haha

  • Philippe B
    Philippe B

    The Carrera GT’s V10

  • The Mod
    The Mod

    Up to Speed: Cygnet

  • Malaquias Alfaro
    Malaquias Alfaro

    Not gonna lie. This video made me feel like farming was cool

  • D k
    D k

    Worst part is all the diffrent shades of silver white and black paint for cars. I paint the fuckers for a living and I'll tell you now respraying a job you did the day before is painful

  • geiger design studio
    geiger design studio

    Electric cars are changing the game…

  • Trent Boman
    Trent Boman

    Land Rover and Jaguar are now owned by Chinese company Chery (State Owned) and India company TATA. Forgot to mention that.

  • Xavier Levy
    Xavier Levy

    I really want a review of the CX racing kit.

  • Max Sherman
    Max Sherman

    I saw an unpainted one that was all exposed carbon fiber and it looked amazing

  • weissachpassion

    „Some of you struggle to find Finnland on the mal - I know I do“ How to recognize an American 😜

  • JayMaddTv

    Time to LS swap the Miata

  • Lyndon Tarrant
    Lyndon Tarrant

    my favorite are pine, northern, then black ice

  • E L
    E L

    Honestly Ferrari is a joke. Lamborghini was making tractors then outta no where made a better car 😂😂😂 then for comes along and makes the Ford GT and makes a better car too

  • BlackSheep

    AMG Benz? SMH... IM OUT and the mustang is in response to the Barracuda. #facts

  • The Lone Wolffe
    The Lone Wolffe

    The only place that law is enforced are like PV and all of the really rich white areas I know cause I live in California 😂

  • wrecked funtimefoxy
    wrecked funtimefoxy

    cant beat em confuse em LOL i wonder how they going to give a F1 a ticket?

  • KingHoliday

    pls show me a crossplane inline-4 engine (since this was the animation) for all i know are flatplane ones. like cylinder 1 and 4 go up when cylinder 2 and 3 go down.

  • Lance Millward
    Lance Millward

    The dancefloor analogy...too weird

  • Deesh

    Answer: The driver wasn't paying attention as he should, autopilot or not.