How NASA Built The Future Tire
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You ever lie awake at night and dream of an indestructible tire, capable of handling whatever rocky terrain that gets in your way? No? You think I have a problem since that's the only thing that keeps me up at night? Who knows, but luckily for me, my nights of restlessness will soon be coming to an end thanks to NASA. They've engineered an airless tire that could save you from spending money on those expensive rubber tires, and also curtail my sleepless nights. The Superelastic Tire. Silly name, I know, but this tire could change tires as we know it. Let's see how.
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  • sparrow

    Wheels are dumb on anything that's not a cool speedy boi car like a striker mgs with a massive gun ontop but tracks are better and I don't think u would have many issues on mars it weighs so little that you cant break it

  • Leo Mumford
    Leo Mumford

    youre drunk. jk, great video!!

  • Noah with no Ark
    Noah with no Ark

    Well I guess this episode makes it saTIRE *wink* *wink* Im lonely, help me find my boat please

  • Vicente Mena
    Vicente Mena

    Senku used it in the gorrilla

  • The_GamingChef

    Boss at my 1st job: "we're not reinventing the wheel, just wash these dishes" Nasa: "alright let's reinvent the wheel"

  • Gether Medel
    Gether Medel

    3:31 I'm wondering where are all the damn stars in the background? was this fake?

  • Furious Hawk
    Furious Hawk

    *It would look really good on Up To Speed rn*

  • kourmoulis1

    This guys twin is a blacksmith

  • Psychlops 924
    Psychlops 924

    I, for one, am very excited for the first ever Moon Grand Prix.

  • Milktar21

    Does anyone remember driving the moon buggy in Gran Turismo 6 (I never played GT6 but remember you could drive on the moon tho)

  • Milktar21

    0:38 his hand isn't even in the arm of the spacesuit


    This channel is dying 😩

  • alexander collins
    alexander collins


  • BookAchu57

    Nice video! Like Texas, 0% of Florida is in The South. Florida & Texas are their own thing.

  • Merescat

    I love the smell of new tires, but my wife thinks I'm nuts. So I'm bach'n it at the tire store. :)

  • MiataZach1.6

    Nothing smells better than brand new tires

  • ytyehyeh

    Pocket calculators? More like pocket slide rules, I think.

  • Arjo Das
    Arjo Das

    What happens when its deformed while hot?

  • Hunterz974

    0:39 the russians are coming

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis

    Martensite is harder than austenite, I think they got that backwards

  • Jose Duran
    Jose Duran

    It's one of the best and funniest episodes, and the rim episode I just watched.. Gold, gentlemen.. Gold.


    I guess one could say "I need a SET"... 👀

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White


  • Daniel Lynch
    Daniel Lynch

    Jerry's ultimate had to cool down, I'm dead dude 😭😭😭😭👏👏

  • Dilmar TV
    Dilmar TV

    2:28 "in the first space" I see what you did there

  • Crazy wyvern
    Crazy wyvern

    Who else is here after the most recent dr. Stone episode?

  • Leif Winter
    Leif Winter

    Get 4 of those tires and its a set of SET's

  • Pequod Senpai
    Pequod Senpai

    That's Nasa for you. Really great at making new things and coming up with new idea. Horrible at naming things

  • Andrew Hart
    Andrew Hart

    "Nerd out with our telescopes out...." Lmao!

  • Joseph Roberts
    Joseph Roberts

    Lunar landing is a hoax!

  • Zestaro

    they could have easily given the tires a name like "nitoknight" but we got S.E.T.

  • Howitzer XO
    Howitzer XO

    That's pretty cool

  • Max Braf
    Max Braf

    Where is up to speed


    Except the moon landing was faked, the earth is flat

  • KReGaDeTH

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen “ Teen Titans Go”, but I feel like BeastBoy is explaining nasa reinventing the wheel to me

  • Cisco Granados
    Cisco Granados

    Almost forgot I was watching a donut media vid. Thought it was bill nye the science guy!!

  • Steele Harter
    Steele Harter

    He keeps calling tires, “wheels” and it really bothers me

  • M. Stewart
    M. Stewart

    I can't be 20 times smarter because I'm smart enough to know that I can only be 13 times smarter.

  • M. Stewart
    M. Stewart

    02:43 -173°C

  • 0MindSwept0

    Another thing that wasn’t mentioned was how they fare at high speeds 👀

  • George Moore
    George Moore

    I need some nasa snow tires

  • Einoro

    please use real measurements in your videos. Thanks for the great videos

  • Joseph Moorison
    Joseph Moorison

    Who else thought of Metal Gear Solid, when he said shape memory alloy???

  • No Winning
    No Winning

    Your explanation of martensite was way better than my engineering materials class professor! I also studied mechanical engineering and graduated a few years ago awesome explanation!

  • Ray Lion
    Ray Lion

    7:30 toasty finger

  • Justin Wood
    Justin Wood

    I'll do or try anything

  • goalmaker88


  • jordon darnell
    jordon darnell

    No liquid water on the surface, that is

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

    In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  • Dawson van Raalte
    Dawson van Raalte

    I really did just get an advertisement in the middle of an advertisement. Okay UZload

  • Caveman 915575
    Caveman 915575

    Who thumbs these videos down, bunch of losers! B2B is great, thanks Donut media!

  • Caveman 915575
    Caveman 915575

    Holy smacks that sping is cool!

  • The Rarest Rx7
    The Rarest Rx7

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  • Haris Wadud
    Haris Wadud

    Hi can you please do a review on the RVS engine oil treatment. Apparently they ran a honda civic with no engine oil for 3k kms with no issues. Claims: RVS integrates with the original surface creating a mirror-like Triboceramic surface on the friction zones of mechanisms. As a result a worn mechanism is restored to near or original specification due to friction decreasing with tolerances and compression restoring to, or close to original specification. Would love it if you guys could do the test they did and show the engine teardown after 3k kms Thanks, love your content man 👍

  • Stephan Reynolds
    Stephan Reynolds

    This guy is so annoying 🙄. I can't stand watching videos with him in them

  • Jordan dorr
    Jordan dorr

    Y’all should do a video on ecoboost tires, like how do they work and are they even worth the investment.

  • Quinton Tucker
    Quinton Tucker

    This man geeks

  • Brian

    Imagine how hard it would be to find a paved surface, especially one that is wet, to test these tires on.

  • Rhun Jones
    Rhun Jones

    are a set of them called a set of SET’s

  • DJDarlingMan

    I have non reference when dealing with Fahrenheit. Why not include Celsius as well?

  • SSam Cobalt
    SSam Cobalt

    Pristine edge

  • lonetrader1

    Just build a pep boys on the moon, duhh

  • _ Beferrr
    _ Beferrr

    Y'all can hear the "ssss" in the background as well, right

  • henry blunt
    henry blunt

    The moon is not that far away Jerry

  • RMS Olympic
    RMS Olympic

    “Nerd out with our telescopes out”

  • B.E.Z

    0:15 just been doing dohnuts on the moon throw on a new set of S.E.Ts

  • Dani Barak
    Dani Barak

    My bro is looking like the Craigslist John Mayor

  • Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)
    Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)

    Me convincing my gf to raw dawg: "Okay we all know that rubbers suck"

  • Shinato I
    Shinato I

    Science is a liar... sometimes

  • Dane Harrison
    Dane Harrison

    "and when it comes to us earthlings, were gonna be super happy" 😏

  • Nils Christian Halvorsen
    Nils Christian Halvorsen

    For anyone wondering, this tire was also featured on this episode of D-List:

  • Big Sho
    Big Sho

    Lol @ space travel Y’all seen that goofy moon buggy driving on the “moon” 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • domidog games
    domidog games

    What if we made cars out of that material? Would it be easier to fix the car after a crash?

  • Cabby Cabby
    Cabby Cabby

    Really miss old science garage.

  • Shuvojit Rup
    Shuvojit Rup

    Just chill guys . Get "hill climb racing"(irl) bike and boom....problems solved .

  • samueel

    why develope some old lame tires? just make it hover over the ground

  • Tom C
    Tom C

    We have a space vehicle built for a space planet with space wheels.................its a car and it resides on earth.

  • WebbTV

    they'll never have these in the civilian market because they don't wear out, and tire companies make money by having tires wear out that need to be replaced

  • Colbie

    He tries too hard to be like James

  • Len Bailey
    Len Bailey

    I have not thinked about the smell of tires but I like the smell of petrol

  • Josh Ornelas
    Josh Ornelas

    is it me or is this guy just hella annoying

  • ben davis
    ben davis

    is this a reupload?

  • sarasotauptoseattle

    I'm still waiting for Flux Capacitors to drop. Then I can finish my tune.

  • Luis Mijares
    Luis Mijares

    What would happen if you park on a hill, would it slide because of the tire changes position

  • Road Boyee
    Road Boyee

    Wheelie that 🅱️ad 🅱️oy

  • Logan Varro
    Logan Varro

    Ads that will go down in history as the most annoying ads ever #1: Raid Shadow Legends #2: Raycon Earbuds

  • Jeremy Zamora
    Jeremy Zamora

    You guys should make a video about how tech innovations in motorsports like F1 help develop our everyday cars 😊

  • Oneil Basdeo
    Oneil Basdeo

    Dount and the sponsored ship on point

  • Tek Legion
    Tek Legion

    0:02 i want a space vehicle is get out of watching this guy... ughhhh!

  • Damilola Akanni
    Damilola Akanni

    4:35 I see what you did there!👀😀😅😂

  • D_RockLock

    Um how about we use nitinol in engines... a metal that is at its strongest and goes back to its original shape would be way better then the metals we have that expand, get weaker, and warp under heat.

  • Buggs

    Song in background at the beginning is fugent - lupus nocte

  • Grimmsha72

    Holy fuck this guy is hard to watch, he's a shit ton of cringe whenever he tries to make a joke.

  • carter smith
    carter smith

    Okay but if they wrap the tires in rubber then wouldn’t you still have to replace the rubber anyways

  • Cheeki Breeki
    Cheeki Breeki

    How do they heat it? I mean if the tire returns to it's original shape when it's heated, how do you heat it on a planet where it's usually -80 degrees fahrenheit?

  • Harris McCarty
    Harris McCarty

    If our tax dollars developed them then we should be able to buy them cheap. Or are we gonna let corporations make profits off of our money with no benefit to us?

  • Max Thomas
    Max Thomas

    Bruh I thought it was made out of CD ‘s

  • Bren Wright
    Bren Wright

    I learned about stuff like this from Metal Gear Solid lol. Crazy materials

  • Yoopertube Unlimited services
    Yoopertube Unlimited services

    Holy shit I feel like my IQ fluctuated up and down watching this vidyao 👀😑🤔😂

  • Jeffrey Cauchi
    Jeffrey Cauchi

    11:51 I thought he's gonna say "we're in it, to win it" like Michael Blakey loool.