Why NOBODY Bought These
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Just because a car is great doesn't mean it sells well. Unfortunately, some of the best cars ever were complete failures from a marketing standpoint! We put together 9 of the coolest cars that flopped in the market. RIP, this is the D-List.
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  • Joey Parnell
    Joey Parnell

    I had my first kiss in a contour svt ☺️

    • chente2vg

      F***ing legend

    • Pablo Manzano
      Pablo Manzano


    • James Wilson
      James Wilson

      @mbolchunas the dude was in a contour svt. He could’ve made out with your dad if he wanted.

    • Soupy

      @Miles hardin time in hrs 6pm smh

    • Miles hardin
      Miles hardin

      @Soupy 18:20 there isnt that much time in the video

  • Gustavo Gonzalez
    Gustavo Gonzalez

    What about lexus ls 460

  • Night Driver
    Night Driver

    Everyone on the internet wants a Viper and admires what it stood for. Real life, however, is a bit different.

  • Chris Ervin
    Chris Ervin

    I've been in love with the RS Focus since it was released over seas I've always wanted one I could never afford it but I actually was able to test drive one and scared the guy from the dealership when he let me he said to give it all I have he wasn't to happy when I put it in drift mode

  • Hate Libtards
    Hate Libtards

    I remember a lot of people buying Vipers and crashing them not long after, they were always in the news!

  • Richard Forhurholes
    Richard Forhurholes

    I learned how to drive a stick and load cars on trailers in a Subaru brat I missed the first time 😂

  • Richard Forhurholes
    Richard Forhurholes

    do the escape one time I was coming up out of a canoe rental and I'm almost all the way up this one lane entrance that's like a 45° Hill and the car just whips in and comes right down the middle so I merely missing by like a freaking inch and then my right wheels are both in the grass in the car starts tipping, my homie dove in the back seat and I was thinking the lord that thing was all wheel drive,

  • Richard Forhurholes
    Richard Forhurholes

    So I'm thinking the Chevy guys just wanted to keep the SS offer themselves some of the b******

  • HustleKings Entertainment
    HustleKings Entertainment

    The viper actually might come back as usual every 4 years... theres articles on dodge making new concepts for the Viper

  • Familia rodriguez
    Familia rodriguez

    14:52 caught me off guard so hard JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bacon Bits
    Bacon Bits

    lFA was a shock . I saw it at the Javit Center Auto show with custom Gucci luggage in the trunk. Car was like the most beautiful of dreams 😚

  • Ted Tedness
    Ted Tedness

    You forgot the UPCOMING 2012 Hyundai Kona N. I had money down at a dealership thinking it was AWD, and I had to pull it when finging out it is 2WD. I own a tuned and lowered 1.6T AWD Kona. www.hyundaikonaforum.com/showcase/2018-kona-awd-1-6t-lowered.1162/ (scroll) We found out through people looking under Hyundai Kona N test mules, it is 2WD. About 9 other people I know who were gong to buy it, NOW are not going to buy it because it is a 2WD LIFTED hot hatch. Who wants a LIFTED hot hatch, NOT ME!!!!!!!! Top Gear UK said in a recent article Hyundai decided early on in the Kona N development to nix the AWD. Why, because they are cheapskates. They are said to be listed for more money then a Veloster N and i30 N. Hyundai FAILED FAILED FAILED on this one. A LIFTED overpriced 2WD hot hatch. It COULD of been a nice car for a cheaper Golf R competition.

  • Andrea Lizarraga
    Andrea Lizarraga

    The enchanting captain certainly race because dad potentially follow like a panicky puma. guiltless, wild armadillo

  • The Bystander Guy
    The Bystander Guy

    I want an RS Focus.

  • DeathRowRecords

    As soon as i saw the ugly ass contour and saab i immediately skipped to the next car


    Has james lost weight? he looks a lot slimmer

  • Cliff Morham
    Cliff Morham

    Regarding the Chevy SS you don’t know what you’re talking about. GM restricted the number of LHD units it shipped from the Elizabeth WA Holden factory. It was never intended to be a volume seller. Over the 4 years it actually exceeded its sales targets selling approx 13,000 over its 4 year run. GMs targets were 3000 units per year. The car is a classic and depreciation will be very low as it is so desirable.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    The Chevy SS will be a high-dollar classic sometime in the future due to the low sales numbers. Especially the 6-speed models.

  • Thor Agust
    Thor Agust

    "Everything you need to know about formula offroad" will blow people's minds, honor bound to go full throttle at the last gate no matter the angle, that is some valhalla viking motorsport.

  • Victor Odin
    Victor Odin

    The Avanti couldn’t go anywhere near 170mph. They also produced them in the late eighties that Einstein forgot to mention. They even made a four door version. That four door was one fugly auto....

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      The SS is a banging car! The Focus RS is also banging!

  • Alpha Force
    Alpha Force

    "Read the Bible"

  • Miguel Beretta
    Miguel Beretta

    I want a Viper so bad, the zr1 is better in every possible way but it's still a corvette. I've seen less than a handful of Vipers in my entire life

  • Gary Hepburn
    Gary Hepburn

    The prices are tooo high.

  • mario scandeli
    mario scandeli

    disliked bc of the 3 minute intro with time stamp

  • They Live
    They Live

    Difference between the LFA and the Audi R8 is the R8 depreciates and the LFA doesn’t.

  • chad rocca
    chad rocca

    The neon, that goes 160 mph has the transmission of the viper.

  • Trevor Stothard
    Trevor Stothard

    can you do a D-list of best factory decals?

  • Hector Aranda
    Hector Aranda

    I am freaking out because a big car channel finally mentioned the Trailblazer SS

  • George Crutchfield
    George Crutchfield

    The Avanti was a beautiful car. There were several in the town that I grew up in.

  • sirstrongbad

    The Avanti actually outlasted Studebaker : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avanti_(car)

  • dizzywow

    No mention that the SS looked like a big Malibu?

  • Bruce Beamon
    Bruce Beamon


  • LucaCoolJ

    Bruh the viper is bullshit. Canada be like 😎😎😎

  • Chase Weber
    Chase Weber

    As a SS owner, this hurt haha

  • SirReginald96

    The SS is a banging car! The Focus RS is also banging!

  • Riff Raff
    Riff Raff

    I nearly sold my built 06 sti for a focus rs but the head gasket issues scared me off. Thats saying something cause the sti was also known to have issues. but I sold my sti with over 100k hard miles with over 50k of those miles with a big turbo and never had a single problem.

  • Fluxuate

    1:13 Chubbyemu

  • Hadrian Sparrow
    Hadrian Sparrow

    The royal ray briefly stain because dust modestly examine worth a barbarous step-daughter. feeble feigned, uppity antarctica

  • Tyler Ball
    Tyler Ball

    You’re losing weight!! Good job man

  • Peter Van
    Peter Van

    Dude you got to get your facts straight, specially about the Euro cars like the Ford focus RS and Saab went belly up..

  • dowhatthouwilt911

    How did the 1958 Ford Edsel not make this list?

  • Ted Dropstone
    Ted Dropstone

    Came within a whisper of buying an SS over the phone, sight unseen, from the nearest dealer that had a blue 6-speed in stock when they went on their final 20% off sale in 2017. Regret not closing that deal.

  • Valtraxys Blue
    Valtraxys Blue

    [cough "Lincoln Blackwood" cough]

  • Blame The Lag
    Blame The Lag

    1...thats a ford mondeo not contour...2.....ford focus RS are everywhere in the UK.

  • ForAl lMankind
    ForAl lMankind

    can you join all those car pretty please ^^ ? nothing funny and y'all laughed all along ! it's some dead-brain logic that lead ford since decades ! how many of their cars are just plain crap from tires recommendation to servicing consideration ... not to mention the Viper. nothing you say was a lie, but there is more in it to the 'why tho ?" questioning that lead to this.

  • Merkava4IMI

    Why didn't I buy an LFA? Well, because it was $375,000 + Tax when it was released, which I couldn't afford (or close to be able to afford), and now the price almost doubled....which, I can not afford. I still have my 2013 ISF.

  • jess dontcare
    jess dontcare

    we laughed at paying 25k ??? now we cry that we CANT buy a decent truck for that.

  • MyNameisStorm

    No links in the description :(

  • scooter dogg
    scooter dogg

    should've shown the footage of the airflow being pushed off a cliff , then they flipped it upright opened all windows and doors and drove away

  • Mo Hussain
    Mo Hussain

    RIP Viper

  • Patrick Wamsley
    Patrick Wamsley

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the Edsel.

  • Ragnarok

    Fun Fact: Hell is never mentioned in the Bible. If you wanna know about hell go to an old music video and see how many people ask "who's here in current year". That's exactly what it's like.

  • Abaddon

    I can't believe they fucked up the viper so bad. I love the viper, but from a performance standpoint its just a little better than a vette (minus the c7 zr1), but for more than twice the price. What were they thinking lol

  • Levi Johnson
    Levi Johnson

    James lookin fit and healthy lately. Nice job, James

  • thomas aquinas
    thomas aquinas

    How many times have you cheered on a car or a struggling maker, like Studebaker, Chrysler or even (gasp) DeLorean? Now, wait for it, how many times did you convert your goodwill feelings into actual purchases? I must confess I've liked a boatload of cars, only to stick with my dull Honda or Toyota, letting those exciting cars I missed to quietly leave the market...

  • rr2rm

    “Read the Bible” 😂😂

  • Mr. No one yet
    Mr. No one yet

    “If you want to learn more about hell read the Bible” lmaooo I was crying

  • 60vNeon1

    8:24 We did xD

  • Hank’s Dank
    Hank’s Dank

    Love that viper tbh

  • khanousch

    Loved my SVT Contour, fun car, learned how to drive manual with it. Why they didn't put that engine into the lighter and sportier looking Mercury Cougar as well is a travesty though.

  • LewisAlcindor

    I can't help but wonder if high insurance rates may also be a reason behind poor sales of these suped-up versions of regular cars.

  • Marcus Cook
    Marcus Cook

    The Chevy SS was also too expensive. It should have started around 5k less at least..... It's Chrysler 300 competition was loaded with the Hemi at 41K compared to the 46k for the base Chevy SS.

  • jake rarick
    jake rarick

    14:45 Savage Garage Theme Song in Background

  • SlimDREN

    Ok ok but why 'nobody' bought the Viper?? I mean it's a hella cool car

  • RexApplegate

    I avoided the RS because it looks like a shrunken minivan, has too many doors, and as ever I figured ford won't bring their euro exotics in for long and parts support might be an issue. So, I have a brz. No regrets.

  • MrUnited3333

    This sucks, nobody cares about these cars

  • CpRiley


  • Golden HawkStudebaker
    Golden HawkStudebaker


  • Randy Hooks
    Randy Hooks

    Brings new meaning to droning on and on.

  • PiDsMedia

    Some of this sounds,... dumb as dog shit. I put a well reasoned comment here, then deleted it, because this video isn't worth it.

  • Ingaz

    Problem with the viper was its performance to price ratio. A Corvette Z06 make similar performance at way less money. Dodge needed to either make it a corvette competitor and bring the price down or a super car to run with the Ferraris and lambos and bring the price up. Like Ford did with the Ford GT which competes against the best Europe has to offer and is still selling like hot cakes...i mean bag of peanuts.

  • Drew N Cars
    Drew N Cars

    Wasn’t an SVT but I learned to drive stick in a Ford Contour Sport! Still had a V6 in it and it definitely was hard to work on lol

  • I Geriatrici
    I Geriatrici

    The Focus RS flop still pisses me off to this day. So fucking stupid, man.

  • Tony KB
    Tony KB

    Chevy or gm did that on purpose wth the ss because they wanted holden Australia closed and dead, which they achieved along with making thousands unemployed they took billions in government bailouts and pretty much left. Gm are really good at taking tax dollars just look what the greedy bastards did to their own gov after ww2.

  • Nils Christian Halvorsen
    Nils Christian Halvorsen

    if i took one shot for each time James said "in hell" i would be there myself lol

  • Альфред Arnold
    Альфред Arnold

    The hilarious draw prenatally call because duckling fortunately mix throughout a fabulous unit. misty, jolly liver

  • Predrag Stojković
    Predrag Stojković

    The worst episode ever. Can you stick to the one part of the frame and just talk. we do not need your face when you want to show some picture

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    I think it just comes down to the fact. That, people were just to dang poor to buy the damn thing. 😂

  • Jester Custodians
    Jester Custodians

    Why NOBODY Bought These... in the USA The rest of the world bought the Mondeo in bucketloads, Focus RS sold well outside of the USA....and the rest of the world didn't bother with the rest because they are USA home market cars... This just in: The USA isn't the only country...

  • dudder86 dudder
    dudder86 dudder

    I had one there fun as shit but got in a hit and run

  • John Antonopoulous
    John Antonopoulous

    The 9-7x was a complete pile of crap.

  • Ken Isn't Interested
    Ken Isn't Interested

    The "Contour" and "Mystique" suck. Period.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    2013-2017 "Chevy ss" was not even made by Chevy, get your facts right, it was a car produced here in aus and then shipped and gm made the different grille for the badge, badges and some other details to make it Chevy. Unless I'm wrong and they produced the left hand version over there after we gave them the schematics and design and manufacturing blueprints?

  • Fran Belta
    Fran Belta

    if you think about it , its a v10 that uses off the shelf oil and is reliable

  • The Beldam
    The Beldam

    One word.. Calvo

  • hack laurent 941
    hack laurent 941

    I just noticed this man was in 2 broke girls

  • XzTS

    And now SRT is dismantled

  • Universal Energy
    Universal Energy

    I was so invested in your story telling about these vehicles, I forgot that I clicked on this video because the Viper was in the thumbnail.

  • Just a Game Playing Computer User
    Just a Game Playing Computer User

    time is time and money is money only idiots think time is money

  • Sergio Apecechea
    Sergio Apecechea

    The 9-7X-Aero is a Saab Story

  • Psyberius Black
    Psyberius Black

    Huh. I had an 1998 SVT Contour. Shocked to see anyone else even k own about it let alone has it on a list LOL.

  • Dan the-Man
    Dan the-Man

    The Chevy SS looks like a sunday driver's car. The look doesn't complement the sporty nature, major buzz kill. Same with the Contour SVT. But the LFA and Viper are the hottest looking cars in this list.

  • Floodx4

    11:34 Ummm ... I don't think Subie ever made ANY car with a supercharger. :-)

  • Matthau San
    Matthau San

    I would love to have a Chevy SS. I love 4 door sedan

  • Erich Knodel
    Erich Knodel

    Can you confirm or dispel this story for me?...... I was told that the reason why the Lexus LFA never really took off was because Lexus would only lease them for 12 months and at the end of the term Lexus wanted them back. There are more details but I’ve always wondered if that was true or not.

  • Luke

    Forgot about the 5th and 6th gen regal gs


    I think ford's lesson on the RS is that they really needed to put a leash on stealerships on models like that, but also they can't price it too high themselves.

  • Joe Seda
    Joe Seda

    LFA stands for Launch Failure Acknowledged

  • Matthew Hernandez
    Matthew Hernandez

    “If you wanna learn more about he’ll read the Bible” I laughed so hard!

  • Yedidiya Nikelo
    Yedidiya Nikelo

    man u look like u have allergy