Cutting a Hole in Nolan's Exhaust to See How Loud it Gets
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Listen we’ve all been there, picking our first mod. Well chances are the first thing you really wanna do is make your car louder! But what are your options? What if you don’t want to be LOUD ALL THE TIME!? Thankfully we have a Nolan, a Mustang, and a pair of exhaust cut outs! Let’s get loud bby … then quiet… then LOUD AGAIN! Stop reading this, go press play and hope you don’t get an ad lol
Link to the universal exhaust cutouts we used:
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  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    I've got to be missing something. Couldn't the cut-outs have been up farther and swapped left for right, so the down turns were on the outside instead of the inside?


    16:56 I saved you the trouble, there is zero chemistry between the fat one and the latent one.

  • Billey Holloway
    Billey Holloway

    At 15:09, his laugh ounds EXACTLY like when that effn dog on Nintendo Duck Hunt laughs at you when you miss a shot!! Lmao

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Nolan “I would not want to have this all the time” Me with 3inch straight pipe from the cats back on a v6 “that hurt”

  • Promesho gh
    Promesho gh

    17:00 The O face!😂😂

  • MicroPeeen

    anyone notice then welds on the cutouts? beautiful.

  • Cqu1sh

    Can these fit on a 2018 Nissan altima midnight edition??

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    You could’ve made the cutouts even by putting the pipes so they point outward and away from eachother. That way you wouldn’t have to stagger them

  • Captain Cunuck
    Captain Cunuck

    2000s bmw z3 or even a 90s to 2000s honda civic might be intesting for high low. OOooOOOOoOOOOR if you wanna go old school MK3 or MK 2 supra. I know cheap fun reliable cars.

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      0:42 Nolan bought a suit only for the sponsor and didn't rip out the price tag to return it the other day lol

  • nola7560 nola7560
    nola7560 nola7560


  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    “Wait, that’s illegal!”


    That mustang joke tho 😂n Nolan’s reaction “very original”😂🤣 the laugh tho 😂🤣

  • B James
    B James

    15:10 pennywise laugh*

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Such an awesome video!

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous

    I have a 2004 Tacoma with a runner v8 in it. I took off my muffler and resonator. Bang pop skeet skeet ---

    • Anonymous Anonymous
      Anonymous Anonymous

      Welded it back on, no back pressure and I got cops called on the bangs

  • Marcus R
    Marcus R

    I love the tag on Nolans suit in the ad

  • Daniel

    I think the New pipe thing is even abit too loud to enjoy when having fun. It sounds like a monser, but abit alot. The stock mustang exhaust was pretty good tbh

  • Daniel

    I just want some tones on our 1,0 inline3 polo aw.

    • Daniel

      the cheapest option which is also legal here in Germanlands would be a 400 buck Muffler switch

    • Daniel

      Nolans Mustang is probably louder at idle than our polo at 6k rpm

  • Master Eyebrow
    Master Eyebrow

    Does drilling holes in a muffler allow toxic chemicals to go into the cabin?

  • dopie58 1
    dopie58 1

    what would have been better is if you put the left cutout on the right, and the right on the left. would have been a much better fit.

  • 4.0super Sloww
    4.0super Sloww

    Nolan “I would not want to have this all the time” Me with 3inch straight pipe from the cats back on a v6 “that hurt”

  • GbbJunkie

    Eraser wheels remove double-back tape with EASE!

  • JD kurtz
    JD kurtz

    I have a 2000 v6 mustang an its insanely loud with mufflers on i straight piped it an it was even louder an pops like crazy but that is one an my fav/dream cars is tha 05-06 mustang gt an urs looks rlly nice

    • JayTheMenace

      Mine got totaled

  • Slygo Zaphkiel
    Slygo Zaphkiel

    9:49 "Dangling my little hoes" *Play Cyberpunk Song*

  • Reginald Allen II
    Reginald Allen II

    now THATS a stang

  • Bradyn Marchiafava
    Bradyn Marchiafava

    anyone wonder why instead of cutting the turn down he coulda just swapped them for one to go left and one to go right ????

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    0:42 Nolan bought a suit only for the sponsor and didn't rip out the price tag to return it the other day lol

  • Jake H
    Jake H

    how much would it cost to pay someone to do this

  • Maccaroney

    It's an automatic??? 🤦‍♂️

  • Keira Watterson
    Keira Watterson

    The solid sudan luckily squash because heat interestedly shock besides a nutritious tiger. joyous, thoughtful flat

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt


  • Braxton Smith
    Braxton Smith

    You can tell Zach is the donut mechanic

  • BayAreaNinjaz

    is this just decibels or is it A-weighted decibels

  • Michael Argabright
    Michael Argabright

    I had a cutout it broke got stuck open droned so bad for 3 months

  • Rishop Pradhan
    Rishop Pradhan

    Nolan love ur attitude bro yo boys def cherish u

  • Michael W. Curl
    Michael W. Curl

    To actually actuate the actuating, actuator's

  • BigMan7o0

    I didn't know they made exhaust cutting tools like that... Gunna have to get one and cop my muffler off my truck, it's too damn quiet right now.

  • joespeed1952

    Cutouts on a 4.6 3V are some of the best things you can do to a Mustang.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    They're like the yin and yang of donut with their personalities.

  • sailorkid94

    17:00 uWu senpai

  • MrEdd1397

    I think they installed each cutout on the wrong side

  • Théo Alonso
    Théo Alonso

    Waiting to ear a sick shift an then hearing its an auto🥲

  • Jason Cook
    Jason Cook

    I never see you guys do anything with trucks

  • Eugene KOLARIC
    Eugene KOLARIC

    Why does nobody talk about surface prep for adhesives and mounting tape? Take the time . .it makes a HUGE difference to the result.

    • abdullah kaya
      abdullah kaya

  • tsl515076

    why not point them outwards?

    • abdullah kaya
      abdullah kaya

  • derobotlab


    • abdullah kaya
      abdullah kaya

  • derobotlab

    Looking at Nolan's mustang from the rear reminds me of Clarence Callahan... Razor

  • swizzy

    Hopefully next high low can be s197 mustang builds

    • abdullah kaya
      abdullah kaya

  • kin pin
    kin pin

    It sounds HORRIBLE! Remind anyone of a ricer civic?

    • abdullah kaya
      abdullah kaya

  • Aaron Purtell
    Aaron Purtell

    That exhaust cutter is pretty slick.


    And it's an automatic, what a waste.

    • abdullah kaya
      abdullah kaya

  • John Ludtke
    John Ludtke

    Sounds mean as fuck

    • abdullah kaya
      abdullah kaya

  • Gregory Witowski
    Gregory Witowski

    Bro my guys just made my car at 2am

    • abdullah kaya
      abdullah kaya

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    "I don't know how to wire things" -Nolan J S 2021 (colorized)

  • RangerVt 802
    RangerVt 802

    Just need a over fuelled tune for some sweet backfires. A really shitty BMW in my area likes to make retard pop pop noise with his bad tune

    • abdullah kaya
      abdullah kaya

  • Alex Mavrikos
    Alex Mavrikos

    Am I the only one that though funky town was about to start playing at 13:55

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Nolan, why didn't you tell us you sing for AJR?

  • Dylan G.
    Dylan G.

    Is it just me or did Nolan not look to happy with the idea of doing this to his car until he heard the end result? LMFAO

  • Oliver Halo
    Oliver Halo

    I have an electronic cutout

  • untold44

    I think they put these in the wrong spot. It looked like there was more space in further tip towards the middle of the car.

  • proxlamuz

    Automatic Mustang? That's a shame.

  • Luke

    Saw a squatter truck in the background 🤢🤢🤢🤮

  • John h
    John h

    I feel like the pipes could have been swapped sides and moved towards the front of the car so he would have had to cut it.

  • Red Lightning
    Red Lightning

    "I've never been hit in the armpit, like that"

  • Bradley Edens
    Bradley Edens

    What exhaust is that!?!? I have a 3v and want it to sound exactly like that!

  • Noah Cranston
    Noah Cranston

    I’m only 3 min into the video but I’ve noticed so far you haven’t mentioned that they’re illegal in some states like Texas where I’m from

  • DR Exotics
    DR Exotics

    Will it still pass smog with these cutouts?

  • Clayton Veenstra
    Clayton Veenstra

    I am deeply offended this is not called Mustang Pit

  • Snowman

    automatic mustang, door panel is pealing off, how can we take this guy serious as a car guy.

  • Ashton Marie Franklin
    Ashton Marie Franklin

    I would've mounted them with the cut outs facing outboard, instead of trying to cramp them inwards together.

  • Jeff Carroll
    Jeff Carroll

    FD owners just crapped themselves upon seeing the plastic solenoid....

  • Rilo Sullastarr
    Rilo Sullastarr

    I pretty much have the same car and I don’t have any mufflers and it’s not that loud actually

  • Tommy Fox
    Tommy Fox

    Nolan, why didn't you tell us you sing for AJR?

  • Sika Kpakossou
    Sika Kpakossou

    people like Zack and Nolan are the reason I wanna project car

  • Evan Field
    Evan Field

    The cut outs are backwards you put the left on the right side etc.

  • Truls Harto Stiansen
    Truls Harto Stiansen

    You are measuring incorrectly!! Db’s have to be measured outside. The room just amplifies the noise! No way it’s that loud

  • Staysidewayz Z
    Staysidewayz Z

    Porsche are making co2 neutral synthetic fuel made from recycled co2

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    Underrated! “I love talking over loud Exhaust” god we all been there

    • Daniel

      shit you never hear in europe

  • Chris Stine
    Chris Stine

    ECS doesn’t show any products for Ford was wondering about how to get one of these bad boys for my F150 and help would be greatly appreciated

  • jakko2000

    Y'all boys need a haircut

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      Is it worth getting poly rear shock absorber mounts?

  • jonki leshi
    jonki leshi

    The husky dirt fortuitously change because thistle holoprosencephaly check except a pale carnation. psychotic, real custard

  • dylan carmel
    dylan carmel

    The mighty jennifer molecularly rub because port premenstrually suffer worth a pathetic crawdad. ad, periodic vest

  • Vincent

    Can’t be a mustang without sounding like your going 80 while going 18

  • flinchy

    101 would be hilariously loud if measured properly

  • _Generation_ Youth_X
    _Generation_ Youth_X

    Can we get Zack a money pit donut media bandana or snood for his long flowing need it for merchandise and I would buy!!

  • Silviastein

    Why this dude working at a car channel and driving an auto?

  • Isaiha

    I just bought a B7 audi and a lot of my stuff comes from ecs and its nice seeing zach in a couple of vids ove there.

  • Nathan Lopez
    Nathan Lopez

    Next time on money pit, rewrapping his door cards. Those are tough after they peel

  • Chaz Sims
    Chaz Sims

    Mark’s my uncle

  • Kris

    yup, the first thing I did with my 2019 STI was an AWE Track exhaust, but not sure what it like elsewhere but here they measure decibel from 5 feet behind the to check the legality

  • Ron Eckart
    Ron Eckart

    ECS Tuning, not far from home for me.

  • Chris Cole
    Chris Cole

    At 15:09, Nolan becomes Mickey Mouse

  • Jakub Štěrba
    Jakub Štěrba

    This is budget Czech style of the same: And car in the link has only about 1.2l and 40kw engine =)


    Those are bypass valves.

  • Logan Reynolds
    Logan Reynolds

    Lmao the leather falling off on both door panels. Those are great cars overall but that used to drive me crazy when I had one.

  • Kirkland Funz
    Kirkland Funz

    Is it worth getting poly rear shock absorber mounts?

  • Dakoots

    I love how instantly I noticed the mkv gti from the underside

  • Stradgirl

    112 - 95 isn’t 21. Anyone wanna tell em?

  • vovovovan

    It’s automatic 🤮 Next up on money pit, how to do a manual swap

  • Yung 808
    Yung 808

    nolan’s laugh sounds like a turbo 😂

  • Just_maeh

    15:10 sounds like a turbo

  • Garrett The Worst Clips
    Garrett The Worst Clips

    "That's pretty quite" meanwhile those are pretty similar numbers my little four similar puts out while basically straightpiped

  • unlimited02

    I remember doing this back in 2008 lol... made 25 extra hp on the dyno...

  • idiocracy

    You could also drill a tiny hole, think a few mm is enough. Then paint over the hole with fireplace paint which can take the temps and should protect from rust. I have not tested this, but it should work.