Is this a good idea?
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Lexus gave us the brand new IS500 and it got me thinking: Is this even a good idea?
A BIG Thank You to Pat Devereux from Petrolicious for connecting us with Lexus! Couldn't have made this video without you!
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    Donut Media

    Big thanks to Lexus for giving us this opportunity! If you want to see us debut more cars on Donut, give me a "vroom vroom Daddy!"

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  • Gehms Eliehshar Cruz
    Gehms Eliehshar Cruz

    Toyota coming back building sleepers noice

  • Nate's Subaru
    Nate's Subaru

    Hell yeah

  • Peter Nicholls
    Peter Nicholls

    You couldn’t afford to run that in the uk 😂

  • LexRace 08
    LexRace 08

    WHAT ABOUT THE ISF NOLAN????? It was made back in 2008-2014. This car basically already existed for the past 12 years

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    I raced one of these at my local dragstrip and we were a few hundredths of a second apart on multiple runs (vs an 09 Jeep SRT8)

  • Sasha Lemay
    Sasha Lemay

    With the advent of EVs and the future of transportation as a whole going electric (or at the very least eco-friendly like hybrids), I think it makes sense for manufacturers to start focusing on the people who DO NOT want to let go of the wheel. Those of us who like to drive - be it sideways on a track or fast-paced around the canyons - are the ones who will keep purchasing cars and driving for generations to come. Commuters don't care about driving. They want to get from point A to point B. Doing so in a sleeper that gets put to sleep by being driven at 10% of it's potential, or in a fully electric Prius that's set on autopilot doesn't matter to them, as long as they get to point B at the end of the day. So.. manufacturers like Lexus who make less cars, but *better* cars for actual drivers will see long-time, loyal fans of the brands return to them for leisure cars on the showroom market, sick sleepers on the second-hand market and absolute banger drift missiles once they reach the end of their lifespan. It's a very logical decision to make, WAY ahead of it's time if you ask me. Good job Lexus, I'll see you in a couple dozen years when the comfy daily drivers of today become the awesome slideybois of tomorrow! 🤘😋

  • googleyoutubechannel

    Is running a 13 minute advertisement for Toyota a good idea? um... no.

  • Stephan Forslund
    Stephan Forslund


  • Brennan Stephenson
    Brennan Stephenson

    They made it because Kia Stinger.

  • Stephan Forslund
    Stephan Forslund

    Looks like they are following Cadillac

  • Hotrod breck
    Hotrod breck

    I like how he had to try not to turn this into a B2B

  • TAP

    I saw this lexus and the lc 500 got beaten by a 2020 honda civic type r

  • Scott

    Yeah, well ask a bunch of drunk sorority girls which car they would like to take a joy ride in... a Challenger Hellcat? or a IS 500? Seems stupid even typing it.

  • David Liu
    David Liu

    When is the RX500 F Sport Performance Coming Lexus..?

  • Bokhari Abdullah
    Bokhari Abdullah

    But strangely people are buying boring cars because it's cheap.. V8 sleepers are not a good idea.. what happen to the Chevy SS.. that went no where fast..

  • Tengu Drift
    Tengu Drift

    Go Lexus, bring some joy into the world :D

  • Marc De La Rosa
    Marc De La Rosa

    Dream car right there 😍

  • samuel cifuentes
    samuel cifuentes


  • Gabe Gatsby
    Gabe Gatsby

    Nice fake "powerdome" Lexus

  • Imran A
    Imran A

    Can we have an LFA2

  • muke001

    They made it because the LC500 doesn't have 4 doors

  • Super Spartan
    Super Spartan

    Imagine an inline 8 lol.

  • Super Spartan
    Super Spartan

    Keep your iPhone. I don't do business with apple. Even if its free

  • Sean Rush
    Sean Rush

    I wish I could afford a new Toyota like those my 87 Camry was amazing car.

  • Sean Rush
    Sean Rush

    Looks bad ass


    wow, it's exactly the same as every other plastic piece of junk on the road

  • William Su
    William Su

    Toyota needs to let us into the ecu

  • Mannie Supa Sport
    Mannie Supa Sport

    The Lexus IS500 will still be on the road 20 years from now, while the Charger, Challenger, BMW M’s, & MBenz AMG’s will be in the junkyard or a youngster’s money pit

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater

    The IS500 LOOKS SICK😎👌🏻.

  • K Truong
    K Truong

    Design for enthusiasts, where is 6mt?

  • designer|NL

    Is water wet? Yeah it’s a fantastic idea

  • Gabe A.
    Gabe A.

    I own the current gen Camaro SS but came from a long line of JDM sporty cars. As a new dad, I can potentially see a 4 door in my future. I wish there were some sedans in the price range of a Camaro or Mustang with V8's that weren't fat pigs. I like cars that can turn and stop. I'm glad they made this car though, I like it.

  • Spookyz32

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

  • Adam Norwood
    Adam Norwood

    And I thought BMW grills where ridiculously large

  • Machspeed

    Yeah that's great and all, however it isn't a manual....If Lexus is aiming at the car community genuinely, then they need to pump out some manuals. #savethemanuals. !!!!!!!

  • zzzyxwv

    One word: ugly

  • Mike

    I'm in love!!!

  • Jeffery Barnhill
    Jeffery Barnhill

    Am I missing something here didn't they start making the ISF in 2008 then it went away then they replace it with a GS F which later they made the RCF all V8 original . IS F in 2008 had a V-8 with 416 horsepower. It still is to this day one of the most sought-after cars. Try going on Auto Tempest and looking for a good used one under a hundred thousand miles it's hard to find. But I'm so happy they brought it back love it love it love it.

  • KingASE88

    im cooming

  • Cars of Pennsylvania
    Cars of Pennsylvania

    thanks, I need it

  • Tom,foolpluto

    This is how I view Lexus; they made the wonderful car the LFA and the badass rcf BUT, they didn’t continue to make LFA……

  • Robert MacEwan
    Robert MacEwan


  • The Euro Car Show
    The Euro Car Show

    Man I wish this would come to Europe 😢

  • CruiserTech GT
    CruiserTech GT

    The story in this video is off...this engine and the commitment from Toyota to make fun to drive cars dates back to the Original IS F. Toyota brought a group of their best Engineers to work on a secret powerful car to compete with the BMW M3. They worked in a Skunk works team (no corporate involvement just pure engineering) they developed the ISF with the original 5.0L engine. The ISF introduced the F brand to the company and was the first time they stuck the same original 2UR-GSE. Many agree that the ISF beat the was the first time the japanese automaker was competing. The ISF was the first consumer car to have an 8 Speed transmission. There should have been more tribute to the original ISF. No mention of the GSF either. IS 500 is just an IS350 with the 5.0L v8. The origianl ISF was also Wider than the IS350.

  • Aaron Van de Car
    Aaron Van de Car

    Shout out to Lexus for actually making a well-made fun car. I have owned several German cars and work on my own cars. My 2GS GS430 is so much better made than my e36, e46, and e92. The only reason I owned the BM's was for the manual. I will be sticking with Lexus moving forward.

  • CruiserTech GT
    CruiserTech GT

    This is the best IDEA what u talking about....just needed AWD for a clear winner

  • pastagreyhound

    As the owner of a 1999 GS 300, I approve of this message.

  • Alexen.Sc.V Airbus
    Alexen.Sc.V Airbus

    Hate lexus :/

    • Aaden Hayen
      Aaden Hayen

      Disappointed of you

  • Timothy Wimala
    Timothy Wimala

    The interior is so 2011.

    • Timothy Wimala
      Timothy Wimala

      @Aaden Hayen its ok mate...cheers...

    • Aaden Hayen
      Aaden Hayen

      @Timothy Wimala yeah sorry I had to finish my research

    • Timothy Wimala
      Timothy Wimala

      @Aaden Hayen it's an observation. You do know this interior is circa 2011 right?

    • Aaden Hayen
      Aaden Hayen

      Stop hating

  • Ian Bowshier
    Ian Bowshier

    I think that the formula Lexus used for this is a formula that every car enthusiast is perfectly fine with. The more EV's and economical cars manufacturers sell, the more likely those manufacturers can make small runs of great parts bin performance cars for us enthusiasts.

  • FeatherBreaker

    i'm 7:30 into the video and no mentioned of the ISF..?? went from LFA straight to the RCF...that about the original IS v8 sdean??? edit: okay brief mention at 10:28...but still lol

  • Rolling 5.6
    Rolling 5.6

    So did we just forget the ISF was ever a thing? Yanno the car that was discontinued in 2014 to lack of sales due to bad marketing? The car that was this exact concept but was built stand alone. This is a great idea, but badged as a ISF not an IS 500

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown

    Haha I can see Lexus manually placed the F badge and other others with tape...

  • C V
    C V

    At least Lexuses (Lexii??) are reliable and won't be in the shop frequently for even dumb small stupid things like the Germans. Repairs are probably cheaper and much less frequent as some components are shared with Toyota. They might not accelerate, brake, handle well or have all the fancy whiz bang electronic features (and let's face it German electronics are a joke) like their European competitors, but I'd rather have something that will be on the road far longer than in a mechanic's shop.

  • YovanBidenovic


  • C V
    C V

    Geez did he have to slam the hood that hard??? Smh

  • Silver Dragon
    Silver Dragon

    I wish scientists would still try to make natural gas so us enthusiasts can keep on driving our ice vehicles without worrying about emissions

  • Dr. I. B. Safe
    Dr. I. B. Safe

    “Lexus has been making V8s since day one.” Yeah, but their “day one” was decades later than most. It’s kinda like giving Tesla credit for the electric car.

  • Justin Zip
    Justin Zip

    yeah i can see in my near future that i will be in debt for a while

  • BeastMode Boi
    BeastMode Boi

    Prius and corolla: Ur too bad for environment Is500: Rumbles Dodge charger: I just have a new Asian brother

  • Emanuel Quintero
    Emanuel Quintero

    Lexus/Toyota the best cars in the world if you gaige cars off of reliability!

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas

    That GR yaris needs to come to the states !

  • Kawaii Flutty
    Kawaii Flutty

    Wait a sec camry in your countie have v6?

  • Josef Gordon
    Josef Gordon

    Seriously, those wheels are great. Like a modern snowflake.

  • Josef Gordon
    Josef Gordon

    Would still love a GS-F in that outrageous orange! This one looks sweet, with some amazing wheels!

  • Josef Gordon
    Josef Gordon

    This car is amazing. Ford makes the Mustang an EV SUV and LEXUS makes a gorgeous RWD V-8 sedan. I would have killed for a Ford Falcon here in the states.

  • J V
    J V

    I gotta V8!....I gotta IS......uhhh!.....IS 500!!!!!

  • allride

    Presenting a car without driving. Lame

  • Oreed Aslam
    Oreed Aslam

    In a world where McLaren is giving us hybrid V6 Mercedes is giving us hybrid 4 cylinders Lexus gave us neutrally aspirated V8 kudos to them

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson

    V8. I’m sick of tree huggers.

  • Ronan Smith
    Ronan Smith

    Why isn’t this in Australia. Australia’s favourite car brand is Toyota and ever since holden went bust the market has been begging for a new v8. Australians love these cars

    • Carboy Dorifuto party
      Carboy Dorifuto party

      Emissions more or less would be the reason and not wanting to deal with the car being too expensive in other markets compared to the US market. Nissan's doing the same with not selling the 400z to the EU because of emissions.

  • isaac tam
    isaac tam

    5:40 me when diarrhea

  • Prabhjot Singh
    Prabhjot Singh

    Just add a manual people will do nuts

  • Breta Morrison
    Breta Morrison

    Been holding out on a new car for one of these! My 2014 IS350 F-Sport needs traded for one!

  • Adam

    North America only... epic fail Lexus

  • Taron-Arman Kachatryan
    Taron-Arman Kachatryan

    Wow beautiful

  • E P
    E P

    The vivacious william chemically excite because name ultrastructually concentrate failing a lamentable cell. previous, picayune girdle

  • AR Techwork
    AR Techwork

    Hmmmm... a Wheelhouse episode but with old B2B vibes on it

  • Gustavo Montalván
    Gustavo Montalván

    In my country the IS V6 is actually a fast car and every new lexus looks fast so i dont know what do you mean, it doesnt look normal, problems of latinoamerica

  • Natrix

    I just really love this car, purrrfect

  • BookAchu57

    Classic Toyoda slay 👏💀

  • Matthew Hardwick
    Matthew Hardwick

    That steering wheel still looks 90s/early 2000s luxury car and dates the interior terribly. Lexus needs to look at the Germans for some inspiration on their interiors.

    • ashes

      It will become too expensive. U want a better Interior u get the LC500.

  • Philippe B
    Philippe B

    Ok, you’re making Lexus commercials now. Got it.

  • Victor Manuel Estrella Lopez
    Victor Manuel Estrella Lopez

    Now the old Lexus IS f is gonna either drop significantly or go for more

  • memau

    If they don't want to make boring cars, why is the only exciting colour option red? Everything else is really boring

  • Eric Liu
    Eric Liu


  • Mario S
    Mario S

    Who's is this for? You ask Well ME ME and ME!

  • Tanya Samasuwo
    Tanya Samasuwo

    THAT RED tho.... DANG!

  • MrAusterror

    I had a Lexus IS200. Most reliable car I have owned. I traded it in when it had 290,000km and I still see it driving around town.

    • ashes

      U should buy it back and sell to me.

  • GEO000

    Interior already looks old, like something from 2011 not 2021. Mercedes Benz interiors look 2021.

  • William Davis
    William Davis

    It's a sad world when manufacturers start lowering their cylinders and go hybrid/ev. Just depressing. I refuse to buy a truck under 8 cylinders. Have a 2018 5.0 Mustang so good on my fun car for time being. Just how long until we go to war for this?

  • fycast

    يارب ما يتعدى سعره ال٢٦٠

  • Soumyadeep Bhunia
    Soumyadeep Bhunia

    Whenever I hear this engine, I cry.

  • Kaspar Poldoja
    Kaspar Poldoja

    Now waiting for 20 years to get one for cheap.

  • Billy Gordon
    Billy Gordon

    I got a Turo while in Cali, it was a Lexus is350 and it was a quick little car good sound system alright on gas depending on how heavy your foot is and an amazing ride quality. People always say to choose American cars and trucks but the tundra is more like a big sturdy, reliable truck more than the gmc , that is something most car manufacturers used to take pride in but they have lost their touch, gs350 or is500 over the ford Taurus i currently own. Definitely the car I will be working for!

  • TS neoJZ
    TS neoJZ

    wheelhouse literally became the og bumper2bumper and i love it

  • RdL

    to bad the front gril is way to large

  • Kirk Luton
    Kirk Luton

    They'll only be making them in north America? 😡🤦‍♀️

  • coolslc

    What the Texas power grid issues have shown us is that we’re not ready for electric cars, so yes, we welcome this Lexus V8! 🤙🏽