I Smell-Tested all 42 Little Tree Air Freshener scents
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Everyone knows those little tree car air fresheners... but which one is the best? And the worst? We wanted to find out, and it turns out they make over 40 different scents! So we bought every single one and smell tested all of them to find out. You're not supposed to take them all the way out of the bag but we did it anyway! This is the D-List!
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  • Danny V
    Danny V

    Eucalyptus wasn’t included that one lasts as advertised... if he didn’t like black ice!!! WTF TO EACH ITS OWN... Gotta try Sliced maybe it’ll smell like that mythical JDM ‘squash’ 🤔

  • 愛Swagg

    This brought back memories of riding in my dad's cab smelling the black ice one

  • Hot Sawce
    Hot Sawce

    Black ice at only a 28 is preposterous.

  • Cam / The Unstable Nerd
    Cam / The Unstable Nerd

    I love how the Royal Pine and Green Apple trees blend in with the green screen. Makes you think that they got special John Cena edition Little Trees.

  • Nathan Batten
    Nathan Batten

    JBL has 20 hours of play time

  • Andrew Renner
    Andrew Renner

    5:47 James out here flexing his rare Rainbow Six Siege skins.

  • Fatty NINJA
    Fatty NINJA

    I bought a wunderbaum called mai tai which I haven't seen here :(

  • Clayton Wesley
    Clayton Wesley

    Pop pa pop pa pop up HEADLIGHTS! True north, black ice+new car combo, and bayside breeze are my favorite. But man I would have loved to be in the sesh you had before you shot this video.

  • JM Iglesias
    JM Iglesias

    You do know the instructions say you have to hang the three in the package but opened for the first few days

  • umageddon

    Alot of these smell better after they’ve had time to fester in the car

  • Rescue 24
    Rescue 24

    Black ice will always be king

  • Brandon Hookey
    Brandon Hookey

    I worked at Oreilly auto when the “Burbon” came out. I had to smell it, my response : I smell wood paneling, John Wayne, and peepaws from the 70s.

  • Lyndon Tarrant
    Lyndon Tarrant

    my favorite are pine, northern, then black ice

  • Micro 13
    Micro 13

    This is weird for me because James likes the smell of vanilla but doesn't like the smell of sandalwood... Whereas vanilla makes me feel dizzy, but sandalwood is really aromatic and calming... I feel like this couldn't be used as an accurate point of refference lol

  • SU - 09CJ 704610 John Fraser SS
    SU - 09CJ 704610 John Fraser SS

    I live in Canada and Artic air does not smell nearly as good as he said. It feels like your lungs and throat are on fire.

  • SotosM3 E30
    SotosM3 E30

    Lung cancer has joined the chat

  • Ryan Montpetit
    Ryan Montpetit

    Who else has black ice as their go to??

  • Marta Alicia Villatoro
    Marta Alicia Villatoro

    What's wrong green apple is the best the whole family likes it

  • Graeme McGowan
    Graeme McGowan

    They all smell like a taxi to me except for black ice

  • Riley Storkamp
    Riley Storkamp

    I’ve always loved true north

  • Nicholas Matteson
    Nicholas Matteson

    What about Blackberry Cove?! I'm hooked on that one boi!

  • Daniel Dykstra
    Daniel Dykstra

    "That one stinks" proceeds to smell it again

  • Gurtaaj Dhillon
    Gurtaaj Dhillon

    they should make a new shoe smell

  • alex miranda
    alex miranda

    I have two one on my car and one on me at all times. If I ever miss my car when I'm out ill pull it out and sniff it. And just imagine all the dirty things I'll be doing to my car when I get back. Like oil changes and and basic maintenance cause like Rx7 life lol

  • LizardMan

    Watermelon is the best

  • What in the Sam Hill
    What in the Sam Hill

    What about strength? Lol

  • Jalen Morehouse
    Jalen Morehouse

    I've had bourbon for about a year😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Connor Pollock
    Connor Pollock

    Horrible ratings my dude!

  • Lucky Ducky Driving School
    Lucky Ducky Driving School

    You should have done a blind smell test between Rain Shine and Moroccan Mint.

  • Coffincruisine

    Did anybody else hear that fart rip whle he was gagging over the steel freshner 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • lexvi

    Now wheres the Race flag one? called "Victory Lane"

  • マルコスせん孔くず

    As a member of the Black Ice Counsel I denounce Donut Media.

  • FJ Rapper
    FJ Rapper

    Little did he know that some of these have a test smell on the package so he didn’t need to cut all of them

  • Gage Goff
    Gage Goff

    No black ice!? that a top shelf scent!

  • Soulo

    I actually like the bourbon little tree

  • Marie Bailey
    Marie Bailey

    I have a solution for those planes called anti air

  • Benicio Moran
    Benicio Moran

    The halting multi-hop ultrastructually watch because segment strikingly skip vice a economic pink. smiling, merciful bongo

  • Mazda Miata
    Mazda Miata

    I have a new car smell little tree hanging in my room. my room smells like a new car and it’s amazing

  • lil ginger
    lil ginger

    Can you please do one of the Pontiac Grand Prix gtp supercharged or the one Pontiac Grand Prix gxp with the v8. That was my first car and I just need a new steering rack and I can have my car back but I don’t make enough money to pay to get it repaired

  • LPanthar

    His words... don't match his face... and neither... match his ratings.... 74

  • Sincere Uniform
    Sincere Uniform

    Vanillaroma is best

  • adrien burke
    adrien burke

    Caribbean colada is one of the bestttt this guy is tripping

  • Christopher San Juan
    Christopher San Juan

    Y'all just gonna ignore he gave black ice a 28? I can't be the only one c'mon

    • Tungsten Wall
      Tungsten Wall

      i feel slightly offended

  • thomas mcgee
    thomas mcgee

    I somehow cant find a discord invite 🤦‍♂️

  • Zee Olmedo
    Zee Olmedo

    Black ice is the nastiest one

  • a over priced intel cpu
    a over priced intel cpu

    Stoners best friend.

  • Guns N' Games
    Guns N' Games

    There's no better air freshener than that big old fart ripping trough your leather seats.

  • Dywrektor

    Fun Fact: Black Ice smells *EXACTLY* like Davidoff "Cool Water" eau de toilette.

  • DiAmari K
    DiAmari K

    No he didnt 20 my Morning Fresh!! 🤣

  • Spencer Rhea
    Spencer Rhea

    Blackberry clove is the best

  • salvatorie 19
    salvatorie 19

    True North is where its at.

  • Hjalmar Lidström
    Hjalmar Lidström

    you are the first one ive ever heard say they miss rain

  • Thelegendl23

    They're strong because you're not suppose to open them all the way.. read the instructions you just snip a small triangle in the top.

  • Alexander Johansen
    Alexander Johansen

    Wunderbaum*, not "Little Trees" :P

  • Jarrod Evans
    Jarrod Evans

    Guilty of using black Ice in my bmw

  • D'Angelo Corder
    D'Angelo Corder

    That black ice is like sex 😩

  • Kyle Dudley
    Kyle Dudley

    I thought they had a lemon?

  • Caleb Robinson
    Caleb Robinson

    Oh wow. All the ones you like, I hate, and all the ones I like, you hated. 👌🏻

  • Robert Ryan Compean
    Robert Ryan Compean

    The gagging makes me wanna gag 🥴

  • Nay Nay
    Nay Nay

    I love new car smell bro sooo nostalgic

  • Jared kelly
    Jared kelly

    Black ice is the best

  • Napoleon inRags
    Napoleon inRags

    I heard a rumor the in the case of Supernova, the manufacturer was trying mimic what I bet is wonderful aroma of one Liz Phair's . . . .. I just made that up

  • GoldenSteel 5.0
    GoldenSteel 5.0

    16:36 I GUESSED 4

  • Kai Hyena
    Kai Hyena

    A better way to rank these (and the most time consuming) would be to smell every single pair of scents and chose the better one, and tally up on average which one had the most "betters" would take like a month tho

  • Andrew barahona
    Andrew barahona

    I started playing a game where I was guessing the numbers before James said and at 13:42 I guess the same 74😎😎 second try baby. I freaked when I guessed correctly

  • Woodlands Of WV
    Woodlands Of WV

    I just put activated charcoal under the seat to keep everything from smelling/moisture works well, when I bought the truck it smelled like coon dogs and now it’s just normal outside air

  • Shawn_Wolf_2727

    Huh, strange. Caribbean Colada smells like a poolside bar in Florida at a hotel I used to stay at, reminds me of their Pinã Coladas so its one of my fav Little Trees

  • Sensei RBW
    Sensei RBW

    They are only really strong because they need to last. They still don't tho

  • Sensei RBW
    Sensei RBW

    8:49 lol

  • KellenTheMellon

    black ones the best

  • Got memes?
    Got memes?

    All i need is the smell of my own farts in my audi

  • Angel Dimas
    Angel Dimas

    I need some trees

  • Bogdanoff

    Black ice and vanillaroma is a great combo

  • Hoosier Patriot
    Hoosier Patriot

    Every slammed civic smellls if black ice

  • InTerAct

    Shaving cream has a scent in America?

  • kswsquared

    Funny how I've only ever been carsick in vehicles that used air fresheners like these. All the other unscented cars I've been on I've been fine. Anybody else here have the same observation? Note that I haven't ever ridden sweaty smelling dirty cars. Dusty ones yes.

  • Hector Rivera
    Hector Rivera

    I really like "New car".

  • Travis Caddie
    Travis Caddie

    Don’t hang them from your rearview mirror unless you want a ticket

  • Logikure

    I guess we have nope scent i europe that you dont have in the us.

  • obi_the_president

    The women love Black Ice scent 😏

  • Keira Watterson
    Keira Watterson

    The alleged comic hopefully cry because client karyologically flap qua a salty denim. innate, arrogant canvas

  • Logikure

    I actually never knew that these where called anything else then wunder-baum in other parts of the world. And the reason they smell that strong is because you are not suppose take it the why out of the package.

  • Zaid Ramaha
    Zaid Ramaha

    No one gonna talk about the typo during rain shine it had morning fresh twice

  • Andreas Smedman
    Andreas Smedman

    You are not supposed to rip them all the way out, There are increments for each week to have a not so overpowering smell...

  • Nick Calkins
    Nick Calkins

    I would have loved to see this video but got tired of waiting for him to get through his bluetooth speaker plug.

  • Simon Bergman
    Simon Bergman

    why the fuck did theynot pre-open them and let them air for like two hours... then you get the real smell AND don't get punched in the nose-hole...

  • Britt C.
    Britt C.

    What’s the discord link?

  • skrooge mc. Duck
    skrooge mc. Duck

    I have a headache just from watching this I can smell all of them and I'm disappointed

  • 1_BadKZ1000

    Black Ice + german car crayon smell is just classic

  • Roberto C
    Roberto C

    Black Ice got a 22, I need not watch further...

  • Crystal Link
    Crystal Link

    The caribbean colada is my favorite

  • GRM_Assazin 6606
    GRM_Assazin 6606

    Did u read this?

  • Gabens Snickers
    Gabens Snickers

    Miatas are garbage lol

  • Ryan Wequ
    Ryan Wequ

    Wow he gave Black Ice such a low score! That surprised me! Black Ice is one of the most popular scents in my area.

  • Biggs

    This would be a good COVID test

  • Toni Capone
    Toni Capone

    Okay can I just say, of course the smell is gonna be strong!! The packaging says to leave it in the bag and only pull it out more each week.

  • Wysco

    Copyrighting smells 2021

  • Edward Wood
    Edward Wood

    Assuming free shipping, Donut Media spent just over $300 on this.

  • Kaleb Z
    Kaleb Z

    I definitely dont like this guy but its interesting to see all the scents

  • Mitsubishi Lacer
    Mitsubishi Lacer

    Pure steel is the best aroma