Why These 4 Countries Produce the Most F1 Champs
Drivers come from all over the world to compete in the most prestigious racing series on the planet: Formula 1. But which countries have produced the most champions? The answer may surprise you.
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media

    2014 not 2012 😑

    • my comments go viral
      my comments go viral

      There was no constructor championship till 1958 And Mugello isnt legendary. The first and probably last time it raced in F1 was 2020

    • Flodder

      @Damar Fadlan well hi damar

    • Brad the lad
      Brad the lad

      @Flodder lol

    • Rex Banner
      Rex Banner

      @Corey Chick his comment is directed at Nolan, and for his seemingly minor but basic gaps in F1 knowledge. He could make the same point by telling Nolan to “stick to Indy Car” or “Stick to Baseball”. Having road courses in your home country doesn’t instantly make you an expert in F1...maybe in your mind it does

    • Damar Fadlan
      Damar Fadlan

      @Daniel Forrest hi daniel. I am surprised why Finland fields tons of racing champions.

  • Jay

    This dude look like Starlord!

  • vivek sharma
    vivek sharma

    Was Force India British or Indian ? Coz they showed an indian flag in the Constructors championship table .

  • Joshua Satterwhite
    Joshua Satterwhite

    Me a North Carolinan getting NASCAR recognition: :DDD

  • Romero Salvador
    Romero Salvador

    Why did you guys blurred NICO?

  • BrechtXT

    F1 morreu em 1994

  • Luis Callegari
    Luis Callegari

    XX century = Argentina's FANGIO and MERCEDES "SILVER ARROW"

  • Kieran Watson
    Kieran Watson

    I love Michael Shoemarker

  • Queen Anne
    Queen Anne

    Nigel 'Manselle' 5:35

  • dave h
    dave h

    My brother works for mercedes f1

  • Silvio Turra
    Silvio Turra

    Dude, you didn't even mention Nelson Piquet who also won three championships. Another boring craze, it seems that Brazil only has a slum. I live in southern Brazil, here it was colonized by Europeans and look, it snows here, you know? When mentioning Brazil, look for other images, don't just stay in the favelas of Rio.

  • Arthur Lara
    Arthur Lara

    Uma das únicas oportunidades de amar esse país

  • David Paulo
    David Paulo

    Wasn't Jim Clark a British?

  • harrapino

    This is one of the very few things I'm actually proud to be British for.

  • Kari Bordi
    Kari Bordi

    Finland isn't Scandinavian country

  • Antonello Boccardi
    Antonello Boccardi

    “The story of the car is dominated by Germany” Ferrari: “I am a joke to you?”

  • dawidoO 3O5
    dawidoO 3O5

    9:19 it is football ffs

  • José Hermes Junior
    José Hermes Junior

    Giys did not even mention Brazil in your video. What a shame !!!

  • José Hermes Junior
    José Hermes Junior

    From Brazil, Emerson Fittipaldi, 2 titles, Nelson Piquet, 3 Titles, Ayrton Senna, 3 titles. Need the credit !!!

  • José Hermes Junior
    José Hermes Junior

    Guys did not mention Brazil, we have 3 F1champions ,8 Titles.

  • ChiefSo F1
    ChiefSo F1

    I just got into F1. More F1 videos would be awesome!

  • Mr. Vesa
    Mr. Vesa

    Also, Sisu is a company that makes semi trucks for civilian and military use

  • Juan carlos Baquero a
    Juan carlos Baquero a

    Wow i canta bulive what u said abouth metal bands hshahahahahaah cool that is really cool

  • SavretićD

    It's automatic in Finland. Soon as you born you get a driving licence and automatically have 15% more skill in racing,its just like that,climate probably :D

  • bryangaming

    Didn't jackie stewart race under the scottish flag and not under the uk's flag

  • Matheus Cirillo
    Matheus Cirillo

    U guys gonna fucking ignore Argentina??

  • Arthur Beugre
    Arthur Beugre

    Guys, it's not "Porsch-A", please

  • Miguel Sousa
    Miguel Sousa

    Forget everything, Deftones T-shirt, RESPECT!

  • bad guy
    bad guy


  • Tobi Haifisch
    Tobi Haifisch

    5:36 It's MANSELL, Dude!

  • Elmo Pihkala
    Elmo Pihkala

    Another Finn who got triggered for our country getting called Scandinavian here

  • Jacek HKT
    Jacek HKT

    Have a look at WRC re Finland

  • Luis Fernando Velasco Reyes
    Luis Fernando Velasco Reyes

    Mick Schumacher and Pietro Fittipaldi will never win and F1 championship, even they will never win a single race

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      Could donut not afford rosbergs picture?

  • Kristian Koski
    Kristian Koski

    I'd like to add that yes we got 3 champions. But 5 race winners and 7 got podium also. So pretty good percentages on trophies :P

    • Kristian Koski
      Kristian Koski

      @mikea hiooi What? :D

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      Jochen Rindt? Raced as an Austrian, but born in Germany.

  • Paul Queripel
    Paul Queripel

    The Mercedes F1 engines are English as well, they used to be Ilmor, a company Americans may know from Indy racing.

  • Hunter White
    Hunter White

    Honestly, fantastic video. I clicked on it not planning on watching the whole thing, just flipping through to see the final countries. But that’s not how it went down. Filming, graphics, facts, music, writing, all fantastic. Got me hooked.

  • TeKKeN650True_0

    You really haven't done much research on f1

  • Niko

    Finland also has the most rally champions compared to any other country

  • Ich habe nur einen Mikropenis aber
    Ich habe nur einen Mikropenis aber

    There is something wrong youre telling.. Mercedes left the f1 since 1955 because of a huge crash where many people died

  • Frank Groen
    Frank Groen

    Where thefuck is Jim Clark

  • Matthew Rickard
    Matthew Rickard

    Decent F1 content from an American?? Has hell frozen over? That said, the Circuit of the Americas is an amazing track I’d love to visit. Have you restored the power down there in Texas yet?

  • Tt Avenger
    Tt Avenger


  • Mawerick77

    7:32 A slump? Maybe it was because they withdrew from racing after the '55 Le Mans disaster.

  • weissachpassion

    „Some of you struggle to find Finnland on the mal - I know I do“ How to recognize an American 😜

  • pat1

    Where is Nelson Piquet?

  • Ilan Oliveira
    Ilan Oliveira

    I'm from Brazil and that vídeo was bomb! it missed some info about our other important f1 drivers but in sum that's it !good job guys!

  • Gilberto Nascimento
    Gilberto Nascimento

    Não mencionou o Piquet. Que travou uma guerra Brasil x Argentina nas pistas, contra Carlos Reutmann.

  • Erkka Vilhunen
    Erkka Vilhunen

    Finns are best because we rehearse with shitty cars. For example try to evade police with stolen Nissan Sunny 1.4L. Police help by using VW Transporter 2.5L diesel van which takes days to get to 100mph. Everyone improves with long enough rehearsal. uzload.info/fun/pJt4YHWdw7NrsIk/video

  • Esoterique

    Jimmy Clarke was British and of the most naturally talented driver ever in most peoples top 5 all time drivers

  • Monster Forge
    Monster Forge

    Jochen Rindt? Raced as an Austrian, but born in Germany.

  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas

    Could donut not afford rosbergs picture?

  • Garth T
    Garth T

    BTW, Mercedes engines are made in UK

  • Alex Brundritt
    Alex Brundritt

    ah yes, the racing team that is racing point. bought from an indian by a canadian. spectacularly british ol' chap

  • Eduardo Santiago
    Eduardo Santiago

    As a brazilian, I'll just pretend you guys didn't put samba music for our theme

  • Adriano Ferreira
    Adriano Ferreira

    You miss Nelson Piquet, 3 World tittles

  • dn2ak

    Who is Mancel? 😂 It says a lot when you can’t even pronounce Mansell’s very easy name. Jesus Christ.

  • VieiraJr

    OMG Finland is so amazing. Here in Brazil I used to say that the brazilian doesnt like sports, they like to WIN.

  • Display Chicken
    Display Chicken

    More F1 content fo sho

  • Şamil Karaburç
    Şamil Karaburç

    Me crying knowing that there wasnt even one turkish driver in history at all

  • R E
    R E

    Dat Deftones shirt.....need it.

  • Matheus Dias G. Soares
    Matheus Dias G. Soares

    What happened to Rosberg's picture?

  • D S
    D S

    Nice video, I think you got everything right except Hamilton's 2012 Championship @ 6:16 I'll watch more

  • my comments go viral
    my comments go viral

    7:29 There was no constructor championship till 1958 And Mugello isn't a "legendary f1 circuit" The first and probably last timr F1 raced there was 2020

  • Felix Gläßner
    Felix Gläßner

    Pleaso NO AMERICANS, they should drive in an Oval, not at a proper Race track

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy

    Might be worth doing a video on rallying too and the domination of French and Finnish drivers.

  • Dutchgameboi

    Soooo we're not gonna mention that McLaren is a "Kiwi made" company/team?🤔😂

  • impact0r

    Hamilton is know for not being the sharpest cookie in the jar. He recently lost a three-year long copyright infringement lawsuit against Hamilton Watch Company (founded in 1892), which he sued for using his name.


      Hamilton is know?, I suppose you mean 'known'

  • z Nerd
    z Nerd

    this represent the British watching who just wanted to feel a bit smug

  • Bag of Nails
    Bag of Nails

    Nice to see a North American knowledgeable about F1. Note that Nico Rosberg was raised in Monaco and educated in France, so is basically quite French also.

  • J

    Ah yes, Mugello, a legendary F1 circuit...

  • bmf97ss1

    More F1 stuff would be great. Preferably from the ground effect/Turbo era please.

  • Aniruddha Roy Choudhury
    Aniruddha Roy Choudhury

    It's Ser Lewis Hamilton

  • Caedmon Calbero
    Caedmon Calbero

    Yay!! We love the f1 content!

  • paul barton
    paul barton

    Really enjoyed that. One tweak might be that a lot of those German Mercedes engines… made by Ilmore in the U.K.

  • Snooth

    5:25 and we all know why. taxes.

  • Loli Bliss
    Loli Bliss

    why is the guy in 6:38 censored?

  • Alex Rosas
    Alex Rosas

    Germany England Brazil Finland

  • hwd71

    Yes! more F1, ❤from 🇦🇺Australia 🇦🇺

  • Izaak Bradbury
    Izaak Bradbury

    I’d arguably stretch it to just motorsport in general, look at rally for example.. “if you wanna win hire a fin”

  • Mario Prawirosudiro
    Mario Prawirosudiro

    Even before watching thw video, and without actually knowing the stats, I just KNEW Finland would be on this list. I mean, not just F1. In WRC, names like Juha Kankkunen and Tommi Makinen are very familiar names, for good reason.

  • BlueShadow

    Great one! But could you please avoid teasing the next parts in almost all sentences...

  • Tom Hammond
    Tom Hammond

    Excellent video. Very interesting and informative. One slight inaccuracy is when you mention Mercedes winning the Constructors title in 1954 and 1955. However, there was no official constructors championship at that time. The constructors championship wasn't introduced until 1958. You're correct though in saying that their drivers dominated both those seasons. Also, the reason why there was such a long gap between the 1955 triumph and 2012 wasn't because they were rubbish. It was simply because they quit F1 after 1955 and didn't enter again until 2010.

  • Matheus Darmond Brito de Melo
    Matheus Darmond Brito de Melo


  • Conocimiento del cosmos CR
    Conocimiento del cosmos CR

    Emmm why you dont mention the all powerful god of argentina juan manuel fangio? That guy won 5 times the f1 championship?

  • James H
    James H

    @Nolan, I like the way you say Val-terry Boat-ass

  • Gonzalo Ignacio
    Gonzalo Ignacio

    It's "Football".

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas

    You didn't even mention the reason for Mercedes leaving F1, that was significant and impacted the world over.

  • Stephen Morgan
    Stephen Morgan

    More F1

  • Shiv Vibhute
    Shiv Vibhute

    Why Nico rosberg was blurred

  • Raphael PontoG
    Raphael PontoG

    All champions from Finland and Germany was mentioned, but you forgot one of brazilian champions, the 3-time world champion Nelson Piquet (who was a better driver than Senna in my opinion).

  • Arthur Rizzi
    Arthur Rizzi

    Massa could be another Brazilian Champion in 2008. Hamilton won in the last turn.

  • Matheus Rodrigues
    Matheus Rodrigues

    Nelson Piquet: *exists* Donut Media: I'm gonna pretend i didn't see that.

  • Brian Barua
    Brian Barua

    I liked this video,when he said Finnland

  • Darren Mcphillips
    Darren Mcphillips

    Not a mention of Jimmy Clark

  • Arnaldo Insfran
    Arnaldo Insfran


  • Cjf4 Ad
    Cjf4 Ad

    nos não temos dinheiro nos não temos boa estrutura nos temos pessoas que lutam com raça para manter essa nossa bandeira erguida

  • James Brown
    James Brown


  • João Paulo Oliveira
    João Paulo Oliveira

    Where is Nelson Piquet?? He is a 3 time champion and owns one of the most beautiful overtake in F1 history. By the way, this video is very good!

  • Frederico Homem de Carvalho
    Frederico Homem de Carvalho

    Do more f1 videos pleasee

  • Luã Ribeiro
    Luã Ribeiro

    Unfortunately I think Pietro will hardly get a chance in F1, so I think the best hope for a Brazilian driver in F1 now is Felipe Drugovich in F2