Best Place to Buy Car Stuff?
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We spend way too much time searching for cars online, so we decided to make a competition out of it: Craigslist vs OfferUp vs Facebook Marketplace! Which one of those is the best? In a series of 7 challenges, we attempted to find out. This is the D-List CHALLENGE EDITION!
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  • Zachary H.
    Zachary H.

    I'm always looking for project cars/motorcycles even though I'm broke.

  • Ben Fitz
    Ben Fitz

    Yes make more of these videos

  • Angel

    Baby for $200? Shiii I'll take it

  • PurpleSunset

    autotempest is 1#

  • K J U
    K J U

    Damn why did let go sell itself to offer up

  • Cl1nical Depression9
    Cl1nical Depression9

    Offer up is better for ricers Also Dark mode Jobe is a dick

  • scottthewaterwarrior

    I feel this would have been better without the spinning wheel thing. Like just let them find the "cheapest expensive car" out of all manufacturers, then we would have gotten more variety.

  • TeamBrokeOff

    "Comparing Used Cat Sites - Face Off Challenge" I have never purchased a used cat from a website before?

  • Robert Baker
    Robert Baker

    The biggest thing that kills these sites for me is the flood of dealership cars with stupid low downpayment prices on them. If I wanted a dealership car I would go to a dealership. I'm looking for $500 dollar project cars and there are a million $500 brand new car listings.

  • efini

    damn, yall forgot about eBay..

  • Dylan Green
    Dylan Green

    There’s hardly any trucks for sale near me at a good price

  • Grady Harper
    Grady Harper

    Their is a Lot of fake scams on Facebook marketplace

  • Geral Reniord
    Geral Reniord

    The merch ad had me like "😮..😂"

  • YoMomma

    Should have included Doug Demuros new car bidding site, Car and Bids, a website that allows viewer to list their cars for others to bid on.

  • A V
    A V

    This is great ! Heck yessssss !!!

  • Furious Hawk
    Furious Hawk

    *Up To Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed*

  • InfamousMacias

    eBay motors>>>

  • Star

    For the "i know what i got" you could have picked any 2nd gen ram post

  • Hambone Fakenameington
    Hambone Fakenameington

    announcer: you have 30 seconds left james: *cell phones*

  • Lowrider Scene Magazine Garage
    Lowrider Scene Magazine Garage

    I'll volunteer my 64 impala convertible (once it's built) for bumper to bumper or could help you find a lowrider! Fan of the show. IG:@lowriderscenegarage

  • Pharaoh El Capo
    Pharaoh El Capo

    I been looking for a dc5... not much for sale and/or they are way over priced. Craigslist is non existent, offer up doesn’t update their listings (cars be listed from a year ago) and facebook listings are not too accurate in my opinion.

  • Joe Monzon
    Joe Monzon

    Max kinda look like bbbo$

  • 250GT Skyline
    250GT Skyline

    Offerup has too much rude sellers and shit.

  • Anthony

    That slab was clean asf 😍

  • Purple guy
    Purple guy

    Make an rx7 and drift it with ken block

  • BRAD Mears
    BRAD Mears

    Like it. Good job 👍👍👍

  • TexasPoonTappa SS
    TexasPoonTappa SS

    James knows whats up going right for the 64 Impalas lmao

  • Joel Robinson
    Joel Robinson

    Please do more of these because this was awesome!!

  • manofsheerawsomness

    Less scams and fakes on craigslist since now it'll charge a scammer $10 per add. Sold my car through it and was very happy to only pay $10.

  • Ahmed Aldhamari
    Ahmed Aldhamari

    greg's list

  • Jeffrey V
    Jeffrey V

    Has anyone here actually won a car off omaze?

  • André Falcão
    André Falcão

    7:29 damm, that guy is selling a baby

  • Bot Animates
    Bot Animates

    In the uk craigslist has alot of drugs on it

  • Rick Mellinger
    Rick Mellinger

    Please do round two for auction sites. eBay Motors vs BringATrailer vs CarsandBids

  • curlyfry

    I love that Lil ae86 James has

  • dwmore

    Found the fox on offer up

  • Jeff Richards
    Jeff Richards

    Every time I see Jeremiah lick his lips with the sound effects I laugh

  • Drooski Tube
    Drooski Tube

    OfferUp FakeBook MartinPlace and GregsList James 2021

  • Jay's Cast
    Jay's Cast

    Best place to work 160 e tamarack Inglewood, ca 90301

  • Zack Skinner 2
    Zack Skinner 2

    Facebook market place is the best.

  • starmanovich

    Bois! I had a dream the doughnut crew moved in next door to me! I invited you all over to my tent in my backyard! Nolan was driving a yellow Dodge Omni and didn’t know where to park!

  • Mario Cordiano
    Mario Cordiano

    first ten seconds could not be more relatable

  • Kalyan Kumar
    Kalyan Kumar

    Send me a american muscle ur fan from india

  • Kev Vids
    Kev Vids

    an entire episode without James shouting, is he OK?

  • Mikky

    It's so cool that you guys got tom brady for this video!

  • NIKO

    Learned my lesson buying from offerup. wouldn't recommend

  • Yomar DC
    Yomar DC

    This was funny as hell 🤣

  • aj m
    aj m

    Maybe donut can start it’s own project car trader you know like cars and bids but focused on project cars.

  • aj m
    aj m

    Maybe donut can start it’s own project car trader you know like cars and bids but focused on project cars.

  • Aidan Artley
    Aidan Artley

    Holy shit that vehicross is literally 20 minutes from me in virginia god damn

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson

    I'd just like to point out that Nolan pronounces powhatan like pow-hu-tan, it's pronounced pow-uh-tan. It was kinda subtle though.

  • Hollowed RSX
    Hollowed RSX

    Being from Hollister that low rider is better looking in person

  • Jeremy Neil
    Jeremy Neil

    I have found my cars on craigslist easier. Facebook definitely seems to be bs most of the time imo

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson

    You Forgot eBay motors

  • Rudra Patel
    Rudra Patel

    Nolan do a upto speed with ur dad

  • Shane Ducholke
    Shane Ducholke

    MORE THIS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Diego Pelayo
    Diego Pelayo

    06 Rolla S is sexy .. sell ya mine for 1k if its gonna be worked on..

  • MeTube Galvez
    MeTube Galvez

    offerup got worse after it merged with letgo

  • Ex Milkz
    Ex Milkz


  • Ryan Dougherty
    Ryan Dougherty

    Fb marketplace search sucks now. I hardly even get views now since they changed it.

  • DieselDave 359
    DieselDave 359

    Jerry's lizard tongue fuckin killed me 😆😆

  • VIXX Gaming
    VIXX Gaming

    Lockey agree but I’m like 13 so I can’t buy cars yet, would be cool to save up for an s14 before I can even drive it

  • Sean Williamson
    Sean Williamson

    I bet won’t give away a 1993 Jeep Wrangler lg with a hellcat swap

  • Kody Cunningham
    Kody Cunningham

    There’s KSL classifieds in Utah

  • Conner Poe
    Conner Poe

    Offer ups website is so dogshit compared to the app

  • eaglebacon

    K serious question, what the actual F*ck does Omaze do?

  • Jesse Hughes
    Jesse Hughes

    And of course the people posting old pieces of junk with clickbait 500$ prices and then an asking price of 1,000,000$ in the description. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • StreetNeat Customs
    StreetNeat Customs

    I feel there should be a website called Gregslist. Wasted opportunity

  • K Note
    K Note

    3 takeaways from this: 1. Fb market gives the biggest selection 2. With their search function and listing fee, CL is better at filtering out junk listings and showing you more serious/legit results 3. Don't waste your time with OfferUp

  • Jaypeglin


  • Jonah Graham
    Jonah Graham

    wheres ebay motors

  • GrAYvTrAnE


  • Zach Lawrence
    Zach Lawrence

    Great episode, I think Dark Mode Jobe took it though. That had me dieing lol

  • Owvch

    its cars & bids even papa Doug talks about it

  • MDR Phantøm
    MDR Phantøm

    wth is FacebookMartinplace

  • Tek Legion
    Tek Legion

    1:33 of course Jermaine has craigslist he looks the part, stalker or serial killer.

  • Rotaryking714

    James: OMAZE LETS YOU WIN THE CAR OF UR DREAMS!! *lists off the cars* Me: cries in rotary fanboy Lmao love u James

  • Mario Muraru
    Mario Muraru

    I think I starting watching donut's video just for the ad for ur shirts 😂 are fun and smart👌

  • zzz immune
    zzz immune

    I spy a new tat

  • usual_ gaming
    usual_ gaming


  • Nate Allen
    Nate Allen

    Worked with a guy who was in Cali when the whole low rider trend started, he had a car in an old rap video but I can’t remember what video

  • Rich Self
    Rich Self

    Yes do it again again!!!

  • DrabbestGorilla

    I cant find E30 :(

  • philbegas

    What's the beat in the outro?

  • Ritwiz Sharma
    Ritwiz Sharma

    No cars and bids? Sad.

  • Chris Santos
    Chris Santos

    Do this again!!! So awesome 👌

  • Thecazx1993

    Yes do another 😂😂😂

  • Bryson H
    Bryson H

    Hilow season 2?

  • Sartaj Singh
    Sartaj Singh

    make a reflective boost creeps shirt that would be dope!

  • Flamingbrik

    What happened to Bert?

  • SK-1204XMBCBH


  • Griffin N.
    Griffin N.

    This was sick

  • zhaneranger

    Find crap I shouldn’t buy?!? That’s my favorite!!

  • KC Crowe
    KC Crowe

    Was it just me or did Nolan get screwed out of 5 points there?

  • MCG Mari
    MCG Mari

    whats the best website to order car parts getting tired of amazon tbh ?? \

  • James Schellhas
    James Schellhas


  • Bsclly

    That tongue noise is so fucking gross

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude

    Ok but they should try this challenge and change there location to Oklahoma cause I can’t find anything ever

  • Chester Holmes
    Chester Holmes

    Hi-Low for Toyota Pickup!!!

  • David Zuiches
    David Zuiches

    Nah craigslist lost as soon as they started charging. FB marketplace is much better.