3D Printed Pistons Are Changing the Game
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Porsche is designing super light pistons which are only possible by means of 3D printing. These light pistons will add a claimed 30 horsepower, but how can something a simple as a piston add that much mo' powah babeh? And why does it require 3D printing?
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  • Ryan Ryan
    Ryan Ryan

    Ok now do that with a crankshaft

  • sinformant

    Laser metal fusion? 🤔🙄i think you mean sls which stands for selective metal sintering.

  • glen gillham
    glen gillham

    The main thing that kills pistons is detonation. Detonation happens because they want to run pistons close to max compression. Detonation damages piston ring grooves and blows holes through the dome. High RPM piston damage is unlikely because friction would be too high at high RPM which limits RPM.

  • crushthis123

    I had that idea 40 years ago. Im sure with a few bucks i can print a human almost. carbon fiber steel fiberglass skeleton tendons anything

  • RickShaw Philippines
    RickShaw Philippines

    Seems oil in piston would negate the weight savings

  • Sajang Kim
    Sajang Kim

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  • cswann8

    Discussing super high tech material science and engineering and still includes fart jokes.

  • Chris Van Middelkoop
    Chris Van Middelkoop

    dang I want these pistons now. lol

  • Alexandru Rohozneanu
    Alexandru Rohozneanu

    The problem with "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" mindset is that it's a lazy mindset. It doesn't encourage innovation and progress

  • yjmsrv

    You're hilarious. You made me laugh at each stupid joke you told- subbed because of that alone.

  • LePPMan

    I saw the title and the ought it was a Minecraft redstone video...

  • rudy berkvens
    rudy berkvens

    Unbearable style. Please study the gentleman’s gazette & the like, grow up and develop a style that fits your knowledge.

  • evil first
    evil first

    Gas tho

  • Orestis Matos
    Orestis Matos

    Jeremia is THE MAN for this show!

  • steewee21

    the mercedes cobra is still working in 2021,without 3d printer,i have a caddy mk1 ,1.6 still working after 35 years of work,no oil loss,so my question is...wtf is with you technology?

  • Alexander Jager
    Alexander Jager

    So you're saying that the age of internal combustion engines is far from over and we don't need to be concerned about the "electric boogaloo", right?

  • geiger design studio
    geiger design studio

    Electric cars are changing the game…

  • demon39063

    The word is TOPological. As it TOPology. Like the top of your head. Not Tope-ological.

  • Kurt Nicklow
    Kurt Nicklow

    upvote for crawleys

  • Nacho Mec Nieto
    Nacho Mec Nieto

    MO! POWE BABY!!!

  • J.M. King
    J.M. King

    where can we get a donut board tho?!

  • Usay Uwannit
    Usay Uwannit


  • findvoltage

    you shave now, ditch the hat. soon you will have no hair to show off and you will remember these words like an arrow through the heart.

  • Dudeman9339

    no. NO. They arent "changing the piston design". WTF is wrong with you? All they are doing is changing the process by which they are made. GOD you're so dumb.

  • Jonathan Weis / Jonathan's Automotive Repair
    Jonathan Weis / Jonathan's Automotive Repair

    Plot twist : metal printed parts do not have the strength of traditional manufacturing

  • Jacks Bob
    Jacks Bob

    I just came here from pakistani truck channel. They made piston by casting them on the dirt floor. 3d printing is cool too. :)

  • Salty Maud
    Salty Maud

    Maybe just don't do anything that warrants a ticket. Public roads have rules and believe it or not, they also apply to you. The sponsor choice sends a questionable message.

  • Brent Jones
    Brent Jones

    bruh you gave credit to porsche.....All the work was done by Mahle. cmon dude. give mahle a fair go here.

  • Albert Agibinik
    Albert Agibinik

    2031 Porsches , bugati, Lamborghini, audi,vw. To recover development costs. Start saving now.

  • Igor Gordeev
    Igor Gordeev

    Does this mean Porsche is not going to stop producing internal combustion cars?:))

  • bryan grimshaw
    bryan grimshaw

    man - you do a good video. great delivery and kept my attention till the end. i've had parts made from 3d printed Titanium and i can believe these pistons are a decade away. it's tricky stuff and not fast to do.

  • Andre Cook
    Andre Cook


  • Brian Heard
    Brian Heard

    Way way too much bullshit. . .

  • drake_alltheway

    So much for putting research resources for electric cars technology

  • Jon Henry
    Jon Henry

    Yo, the inside of Jerry's ear is nasty.

  • Junior Johnson
    Junior Johnson

    Would have been an interesting video if it didn't have all of the nonsense crap.

  • fuerzas armadas_arg
    fuerzas armadas_arg

    why we want faster cars if we can't go faster than 120 km per hour?


    Bro 3:43 got me dying over here 🤣🤣🤣

  • megapet777

    Nasa has piston that costs 4000? I was expecting much worse. F1 car's piston costs 50k

  • Andrew Bezzina
    Andrew Bezzina

    10 years for this to make into production cars is too late, everything will be electric by then.

    • Jelle Keizer
      Jelle Keizer

      No way

  • South Shore KingPin
    South Shore KingPin

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  • Balke DaQuino
    Balke DaQuino

    Is it a long o in tOpological optimization I thought it was short but idk. Like I thought it was pronounced top-ological

  • truuuupR

    Damn. So when can I get these in my RB?

  • SlickStretch

    How much for the printer??

  • RedFathom

    taupelogical? looks like more of a greylogical.

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill

    Great channel

  • OldSlowGamer

    So the new pistons will start appearing in the last generation of gas powered engines....I think they need to speed up the process. Oh...electric vehicles as a "Green" alternative are now and will remain a SCAM for years to come. All things considered, an electric vehicle involves the creation of more pollution than a gas powered vehicle at this point. Because of all the additional labor required to make a production electric vehicle and all its component parts.

  • Battlecruiser Plays
    Battlecruiser Plays

    if its german its probably overpriced and prone to failure.


    Much better video uzload.info/fun/h6WMhYTIxW-DypM/video

  • la Putin
    la Putin

    I want all the vehicles in the commercial sector to go electric, so petrol is saved and all IC engine cars became a enthusiastic thing

  • Steve Farr
    Steve Farr

    CAN YOU PRINT SOME DONUTS ? .. OR @ 10:05 .. Geezer Get new face 'Printed' ?

  • Gadget Deez
    Gadget Deez

    Dude. Get it right, PLEASE. Say it with me now TOP-O-LOGICAL.. It's not TOPE-O-LOGICAL.. LOL

  • max mustermann
    max mustermann

    I have no car and if I had one it'd be electric. Combustion engines are from the past, no matter the material or manufacturing technique.

  • jey Lee
    jey Lee

    I love how computers bring us closer to nature in more and more ways. it's a creepy dichotomy that may prove the theory that our next big step in evolution is an android similar species of humanity.

  • stepchild

    It's like when u get a switch off a tree Jesus how many just suffered ptsd cause of moms love

  • Robin Scott
    Robin Scott

    There's a German company that don't speak English .lol

  • Rachel Roberts
    Rachel Roberts

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  • Matt Netko
    Matt Netko

    meanwhile overseas; Pistons bad, electric cars only, herchpwers bad.

  • order9066

    You lost me at meters and celcius. So at 300 meters the celcius is very forceful?

  • Christopher Stout
    Christopher Stout

    Need rx8 rotors next!!

  • simon harper
    simon harper

    '10 years away' Just imagine how powerful electric cars will be then

  • Snarky . Live
    Snarky . Live

    ICE will be obsolete when the time 3D printed anything hits cars.

  • Anthony Turner
    Anthony Turner

    Switch from a tree, LOL!!!!

  • Mark Cartee
    Mark Cartee

    Can anyone name the last song used in the video? Thank you.

  • aston townsend
    aston townsend

    10 years... that's great, every new car will be electric by then 🤣

  • Roxas Parks
    Roxas Parks

    I appreciate the austin powers reference.

  • mr melon
    mr melon

    4:40 ppl in 1920

  • Some Weeb
    Some Weeb


  • Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist

    3D printers will only get better.

  • Kossolax the Foresworn
    Kossolax the Foresworn

    professional factory made pistons < whatever the fuck 3D printer yeah this is a real game changer.

  • B. Bakker
    B. Bakker


  • Soup Lag
    Soup Lag

    finally i can build a 3d printed 3x3 redstone piston door

  • cullinaire

    Trumpf making 3D printing great again

  • Niccolo Paganini
    Niccolo Paganini

    I thought about this 4 years ago, but of course no one listened

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    This channel is terrible.

  • Mr_Murdoc

    Does anyone know the song for the B2B intro? I've tried many things but nothing worked

  • Hollow Husk
    Hollow Husk

    I really wanna see this done for a rotary motor

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude

    Not available for another decade? Too bad it's completely irrelevant. In a decade, nobody will be buying gas burning cars.

  • 6spdkeg


  • BackwoodsBungalow

    Video starts at 4:10 😵

  • ??????

    I can't tell if this is still B2B or its the new Science Garage?

  • Nick Guru
    Nick Guru

    You should cover spiros panopoulos from Greece..the guy is a genius..he hold a record with his evo witch the motor broke mid run..he has made carbon pistons that actually work...generally he's a genius.and he plans to built the 2nd car that ever came out from Greece and its going to be a mad hypercar..really check him out

  • I reckon I can build that
    I reckon I can build that

    German engineering etc. etc. 🤣🤣🤣 how about we all have a little look at how Rolls Royce have been producing the blades in their jet engines for years and years?

  • Ian Dave Manguira
    Ian Dave Manguira

    imagine they sell this to all vehicles

  • Tareq Jawdat
    Tareq Jawdat

    Imagine 3d printing an MK4 Supra using this weight reduction method, or basically any car you wish to own!

  • Sergio García
    Sergio García

    Interesting, but in 10 years electric vehicles will be the norm, not the combustion ones.

  • PAul BAu
    PAul BAu

    i always put on my Boost Creep hoodie when i watch donut

  • John L Galt
    John L Galt

    Someone needs to make a company that does nothing but this for everyone - imagine the database of parts that one would need in order to modify them for all (or at least some) of these benefits....

  • Kingleaetor

    Hello donut media, i just wont to mension that 3D printed brake callipers, pistons and ext. are first to beeing developed and made like 2 years or more in greece by a guy named spyros panopoulos search him on insta and his company on google you will be amazed and you could even make a very intresting video for him.OH and he is making his own hyper car named CHAOS which is a greek word.

  • Robert Ferguson
    Robert Ferguson

    Thought they were banning ice by 2030

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira

    I guess German Science always was the best in the world...

  • M Co
    M Co

    ads plus sponsors kinda feel like aid's no.2 mix with covid19 would be a better idea

  • Bryson Johnson
    Bryson Johnson

    Do they not have billet pistons?

  • gimlin101

    Porsche = VW so actually VW is doing this right?

  • Arunix

    While watching " Yayaya, fun - fun - fun. Less then a decade and there is chance to start getting interesting stuff. " After watching " Wait, didn`t like half of the car manufactures said they are dropping combustion engines like in a decade? FFFF! "

  • trashtalk EMPEROR
    trashtalk EMPEROR

    this bullshite forged is a lot better piston for me

  • Yianni Giorgakis
    Yianni Giorgakis

    Spyros Panopoulos did this a while ago already...

  • leeveraction

    3D printed pistons + freevalve system + 3D optimized turbo = 500hp from 50kg

  • John Carlo Fernandez
    John Carlo Fernandez

    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - A future left out